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Tactical Tuesday Week "08"

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Sorry, no JCloisterZone file this week. 

Introduction: This scenario came up during some play-testing of a variant.  It was one of those mid-game decisions that has to happen quickly.  I didn't have a specific theme in mind here, just thought it was an interesting situation

Configuration: Base game only (72 tiles & 7 meeples per player)

Players: Black, Pink, White (order of play as listed, alphabetical by color name).

Score: B=4, P=8, W=4

Previous Turns & Scoring: Details not recorded.  Sorry.  (Part of the variant made the long roads act like roads with Inns from Exp#1, which is why there is so much activity on the long road.  But let's ignore that here.)

Current Decision (photo below):
Pink has now drawn a CRRF tile.
Where should they place the tile?
Should they place a meeple and if so, where?

Option A (photo below)
[ 4;-3], RFCR, meeple as knight in the city. Black & Pink each score 7 for the road.

Option B (photo below)
[ 4; 0], RFCR, no meeple.  Pink scores 4 points for the football city.

Option C (photo below)
[-1; 4], CRRF, meeple as thief on the road.

Option D (photo below)
[ 2; 3], FCRR, meeple as farmer in the field not touching the city.

Option E (none of the above)
Please describe a better play in your reply.


I like option E the most

Lol meant D, with farmer

i've gone with option D.
That farm can be a good starting point, and should easily connect to the farm that White already has. Pink has enough meeple i think, so it could be worth it making the investment

Welcome back Tactical Tuesday!  I second Willem's call; it's a pretty good farming opportunity.  C would be my second choice though.


--- Quote from: totor66 on November 23, 2021, 07:23:06 AM ---I like option E the most

--- End quote ---
Any specific place?  Coordinates are [right offset from start; up offset from start].  Tile orientation is by edge in order NESW.

So, you could say [1;-3] RRFC with meeple as knight in the city.  Of course, this would complete the Black road, so I doubt it is what you had in mind…

If you name a place, your answer becomes “E1”, when referred to by others.

Also, please don’t forget to actually vote (click “Submit”)!



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