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Tactical Tuesday -- Week 02

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Well. In that case, there are too many cocks in one yard.
So Option B is nice start for Field battle on end of the game. Currently has ľ finished cities = 6 points, but preparation for next 3 so possible 15 points on end of the game.
Options A is also nice, because after placement of tile, yellow player is on same situation like before placement, plus 4 points.
Option C/D is fine. But benefit is small. Option D allow to preparation of block finishing of large city on north. but there are 4 players. So not big deal. Option C can be preparation to invide into city, but with big effort and needs big luck to finish it. But it allows to add tile on top right road by black and block all players meeples.
I choose B

@kothmann I have to be blind :(


--- Quote from: Bumsakalaka on September 14, 2021, 02:36:14 PM ---@kothmann I have to be blind :(

--- End quote ---


I think this is referring back to the question about how many points Black scored.

All good.  I really do appreciate that you’re looking it over.

B. It's never too early to throw a farmer in the mix and it looks like it could be a big one!


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