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We with jungleboy have arranged our match as quickly as possible: couple hours later after Nik's e-mail.
The first game started as many others: build huge city and fight for it. My attempts to connect to it failed: jungleboy disconnected one of my followers, completing for me a city, meantime connecting third follower. I thought that now it's not worth to try to share it so I started to do everything to block it: 3 blocked followers is a good thing. By that time we started to fight for the 15-point farm. Jungleboy successfully connected two farmers to my one and completely disconnected my second. Till the end of the game there were my other two farmers waiting ready to connect, jungleboy already started to block them too, but - lucky draw - in just two straight moves I have connected both! With 5 tiles till the end my opponent wasn't able to just share the farm, and even his 22-point uncompleted city could not save this game.
Final score: 94-72.

The second game was true epic, jungleboy will write a report about it, and then I will give my comments.

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Round 3: MrNumbers vs. Rosco
« on: June 08, 2014, 11:47:52 AM »
Today we have long-waited match with Rosco. He was straight after his match with quevy and spontaneausly offered me to play.
Early in the first game I have started to build a big city (what I don't like to do, because it may end badly). And this happens to me: Rosco quickly connected 2 followers and cut all possibilities for me to connect another. All he has to do was to wait for a right tile (cccr). But that time we have started to fight for a farm below (later Rosco has connected up and down with a cloister with a road). Soon Rosco ran out of followers and I continued to gain points with small cities and connected another follower to the big farm. In the middle of the game I had 59 points, meanwhile Rosco had 17! But near the end of the game Rosco received a correct tile and finished the 36-point city! Still this wasn't enough: farm battle ended with 4-3 followers for me and 24 points for the farm.
Final score: 106-70.

In the second game Rosco quickly has placed a farmer and very soon for both of us became clear: who wins the farm - wins the game. Throughout the game we connected farmer by farmer to the big farm, I was lucky enough to trap one Rosco's farmer with only 3 points. After I connected 5th farmer while my opponent had 3, Rosco wrote me in chat "game over".
Final score: 113-74.

Official Rules / Tower and Builder, and Shepherd questions
« on: May 26, 2014, 01:54:58 PM »
Last Friday we had a game night, and just hours (!) before the event I have received at the Post my copy of "Sheep and Hills"! Great expansion that everyone enjoyed right from the start! During the game night we had some situations, that I wanted to discuss:
1. Imagine that you have situation like this (see picture 1) (bad angle, but there is yellow follower with a builder). Yellow player takes a tile, extends his city (with this receiving a right to take one more tile), and as his "move the wood" action he capture his own follower from this city, which automatically pull out his builder from the city. As he owned the right for a second tile before, he takes another tile, places it to the city in question and claims it again (but now in much safer place)! Logical question: does yellow allowed to do such combination? Formally rules for builder say: "Whenever the player places a tile that extends the road or city which includes their builder, they may take a double turn" (emphasis - mine). But at the end of the first part of the move there are no builder in play.

2. Imagine that you have placed a shepherd and started to extend your field, move by move. But suddenly someone (not you) has completely closed the area, where your shepherd is! (see picture 2, black has placed a tile with a road and a flier symbol, completing the road and shutting down the shepherd area). According to the rules for the shepherd, he can "herd the flock into the stable" by extending a field containing his shepherd by placement of a new tile. Since it is now impossible, does that mean that yellow shepherd is stuck on that field till the end of the game?

Our first game started in time, at the beginning we built separate objects, the only thing that I have done - blocked one of green followers. But soon we began big battle for a [possible] huge city, connecting one follower by another. Robert placed a farmer only near the end of the game, followed by connecting him to the big field, but I have connected another, and Robert by that time was out of followers, so can't share the field. The big city remained unfinished, and the rest of the game I was building cities in my field with my the only free follower.

In second game Robert was the first to start and quickly gained 12 points while I had 0. In contrast to the first game, my opponent early placed his farmer and throughout the game tried to win it. In the result I was success in blocking one of his farmers and we shared the main field. In this game I was more lucky than usual luck could be, because I received about 10 tiles that Robert needed to finish his features. More than that at the end of the game I received the exact tile what I needed (cccc) to connect to Robert's 14-point city.

The worst situation in any Carcassonne game is to be out of followers. That is why blocking is so effective. For example, in the first game, in situation when the big city is built, computer opponent usually blocks the city when he has less followers involved: he may sacrifice his even two followers to block my three followers.

Today we had two interesting games playing round Nr. 1 in our new Carcassonne League.
First game started with fast tile placement, but after 5-6 tiles I had to upset my opponent by blocking his city, cloister and a follower on the field (see first picture). The rest of the game we struggled for the huge city. Soon Quevy added the upper part of the city to the lower part and I had to add one more follower to share this city. Since my opponent ran out of followers he could not manage to win the battle for the big field. Final score: 123-79.

During second game Quevy was more careful with followers' placement (for example, from 3 cloisters on the South he placed follower only on 1 and completed it), but could not escape from blocking at least 1 follower (see second picture). Throughout the game I was trying to connect to the big city, but Quevy was lucky enough to connect more his followers, so near the end I decided to block this city: I placed the lowest tile of this city, knowing it will never be completed (I have counted the tiles in question).
Though Quevy had won the battle for the main field it wasn't enough to win the whole game: I have completed much more cities and this gave me necessary advantage. Final score: 83-69.

Interesting thing: in both games I was not placing any followers on cloisters. Maybe because they are easier to block?

Thanks once again to Quevy for interesting match and to danisthirty for bringing the idea of the League to the real implementation.

News and Events / Carcassonne mini-tournament 2014
« on: January 30, 2014, 05:09:33 AM »
On my website I have announced Carcassonne mini-tournament 2014, which I organize in cooperation with local distributor. Last year it was a tournament with Carcassonne Minis, short report can be found on the forum.
This year I wanted it to be different and I decided that this tournament can be with 8 major expansions. It is still "double elimination" with 16 participants, accordingly 8 tables, that perfectly matches the number of expansions :)
I have only 1 copy of each expansion, that is why every table will be equipped with one different expansion, but players will change the table after each game: the format implies that and I will try to follow that every player doesn't play with the same expansion twice (however, it is possible under special circumstances).
The final game will be played with 2 randomly selected expansions.
After the event (23.02.2014) I will definitely post a report.

Official Rules / School questions
« on: January 18, 2014, 02:16:18 AM »
This week I received my copy of School from Yesterday on my regular game evening we have tried to play it and already have some questions:
1. It is not clear what happens when a player completes other player's road leading to the School. I mean: Player A completes a road leading to the School owned by Player B. Who will receive the Teacher?
2. If two or more players own a School road, who will receive the Teacher? The one with a majority? Or the one who completed the road? Or the one who completed the road and received points?
3. If the School road is completed and no one received points for it, the Teacher stays in School or the one who completed that road will receive the Teacher?
4. If someone has the Teacher and some feature is completed, but no one received points for it, does a player receive points for this unclaimed feature and return the Teacher to the School, or a player has to wait till someone will actually receive some points?

The Marketplace / WTB: GQ11
« on: January 13, 2014, 12:21:54 PM »
GQ11 is one of a very few expansions that I miss. Some time ago I have found it on

But unfortunately seller doesn't ship it to Latvia. I have some friends in UK, but after entering their address as a shipping address I've got the same: We don't ship to this country. It seems that they ship only to US.

Where else I can find something similar, I mean price and condition?

Official Rules / Carcassonne South Seas rules question
« on: October 31, 2013, 11:46:29 PM »
I have played a couple of times and already have some questions about the rules:
1. Rules say that I can deliver wares only on one trade ship per turn. Does this applies to the situation when I complete a market and some other object in one turn? Technically I deliver wares only on one trade ship, the one for the market I have for free. So, the question is: can I still deliver wares on a trade ship in a turn when I have completed a market and have taken a trade ship for free?
2. If a complete two markets that both belong to me, in one turn, can I take two trade ships? I suppose the answer will be "yes" but still it is worth asking.

News and Events / Carcassonne Latvian championship
« on: September 15, 2013, 09:17:01 AM »
Latvia has got new Carcassonne champion!

Unfortunately, it's not me :( But I am at the second place from 44 participants. I lost only two games: one in preliminary round and the finals, both to the new champion.

Official Rules / The Phantom and Wheel of Fortune
« on: June 27, 2013, 06:47:15 AM »
First of all, I am glad that forums are up again. Thanks, Gantry and Scott, for that! :D

I have some questions regarding the latest purchased expansion "The Phantom":
When we played it with WoF, question arose about does it permitted to place a phantom to a crown of WoF, even if a player deployed a follower on a placed tile in his turn? We played as he does, but now I started to doubt that. From one side rules say "After placing a tile, the player may deploy the phantom to it as a second follower (on a second feature)". So, crowns aren't located at the placed tile. But WoF rules say "If a player has not placed a follower on a land tile, he or she may place one follower on any free crown space on the Wheel of Fortune." Phantom is a leader in the count of exceptions and it's rules break many other normal rules, maybe here is the similar case?
And the second question: can I place a Phantom on top of a tower to close it? If yes, can it be done only on a tile just being placed? (e.g. place a tile with a tower foundation, place a tower piece (capture follower), and close tower with a phantom).

Reviews & Session Reports / Carcassonne mini-tournament
« on: March 04, 2013, 05:23:55 AM »
I wanted to share with the community a report about this Sunday's event.
I hosted my first Carcassonne mini-tournament that I organized in cooperation with local Carcassonne distributor. He [distributor] provided me with a place (their board games shop), necessary game sets and prizes - Carcassonne Big Box 3 for the first place and a $10 gift card for the second place.
Tournament scheme was "double elimination", there were 15 players +1 player from organizers side. In every round we used different Minis expansion. In the final game (8th round) we repeated "Ferries" as an expansion with less influence of luck and more - strategy. In final game won player from the L-bracket so we played one more game to achieve "full double elimination". In second game he have won once again and became a winner of the tournament!
You can check out a photo-report at my website. It's in Latvian, but the main idea I have already said here, so this is just for looking at the pictures. The links at the beginning are tournament's W- and L-brackets with the results of every game.
As everybody liked the idea of the mini-tournament, I hope this will become an annual event.

Other Games / The Settlers of Catan expansions
« on: February 21, 2013, 12:24:13 PM »
Though I am very familiar with all Carcassonne expansions, I'm a newbie with Catan expansions. I don't have any, but want to buy one or two. There are different opinions throughout the Internet about which expansions are the best.
What can you suggest? Which Catan expansion is most interesting to play?

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