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General / New Spiel '18 Tile?
« on: October 24, 2018, 09:27:41 AM »
As Essen Spiel '18 is underway, is it already known if there is a Spiel '18 tile?

The Marketplace / [WTG] Terraforming Mars: BGG User-Created Corporation Pack
« on: September 04, 2018, 07:41:17 AM »
I recently ordered a bunch of Star Realms: Pact Cutter promos from However, I incorrectly received a bunch of Terraforming Mars: BGG User-Created Corporation Pack promos instead (link). After chatting with their excellent support they sent out the correct promos to me and told me I can give these away!

I've seen nice giveaways on Carcassonne Central before and I know these aren't Carcassonne related, but I decided to see if there is interest in these from the users of Carcassonne Central first. I have 4 packs to give away on a first come first serve base. I'll even pay for shipping if it's not getting too costly for me.

General / Question about Carcassonne Big Box 5's contents
« on: October 04, 2017, 07:02:02 AM »

Today I received my second-hand copy of Carcassonne Big Box 5. Going through the contents and checking with the content list in the manual I noticed a discrepancy in regards to the Sheep and Wolf tokens. The manual states I should have 6x Sheep3 tokens and 1x Sheep4 token. However, I count 5x Sheep3 tokens and 2x Sheep4 tokens. Is this a known error in the manual or do I have an incorrect count of Sheep3 and Sheep4 tokens?


General / Count, King & Consorts 2.0
« on: July 13, 2017, 02:01:56 PM »
I didn't notice before, but Count, King & Consorts 2.0 seems to be available in Holland. Can this be added to the profile?

The Marketplace / Little Buildings upgrades wanted
« on: July 12, 2017, 06:38:14 AM »
In light of the good tokens thread [link] replacement wooden tokens were suggested. I almost immediately went online to and ordered wooden tokens for the goods, sheep, castles and Easter Bunny. I ordered the castles as unpainted wooden tokens to equal the neutrality of the original cardboard token. I'm looking for something similar for the Little Buildings.

Originally I looked for substitutes in the different player colors and found the following from small to large:
However, none of them come unpainted.

Does anyone else have suggestions?


Unofficial Rules / Fan-made Expansions for the Phantom Box
« on: July 11, 2017, 07:37:45 AM »
I just completed my set of six Phantom boxes today and I was wondering what I could do with them in a game of Carcassonne. I came across The Wicker Man [link] which seems like a fun way to use it. Does anyone have experiences they want to share using this expansion? Are there any other fan-made expansions that incorporate the giant Phantom Meeple box?

Hello fellow fans of Carcassonne,

I'm fairly new here as a forum user, but I was wondering if anyone played Carcassonne with both the old and new versions together and how they go about doing that?

For an initial try, I was thinking of playing with both the base games of Carcassonne, The Rivers and the Abbot. (Gradually adding other expansions in future plays.) Starting with the 2 River spring tiles next to each other mixing the remaining tiles of both (with the exception of the 2 River lake tiles). When drawing a new River tile you can only place it extending the matching River tile. Once finished, randomly play the River lake tiles following the same rules. Then mix all base Carcassonne tiles of both copies into the bag and play as follows: when drawing a tile you have to place it with at least one side to a matching tile of the same copy. This way you can still can get the tiles of the different copies next to each other and helping out finishing your cities, roads and such. But hopefully playing it this way turns out to be more aesthetically pleasing  ;)

What are your thoughts/experiences?


The Marketplace / WTB: The Windroses (2012) and The Festival
« on: June 14, 2017, 07:37:27 AM »
Hello fellow fans of Carcassonne,

I've been a Carcassonne Central user mostly for the CAR so far. Only recently I started to browse the forums. That's when I discovered there are 2 versions of The Windroses. I do have the 2013 edition (The Windroses 2), but not the 2012 edition with N, E, S and W on it. As a fan of Carcassonne since it came out and a completist of almost all Carcassonne, I'm in the market for buying a copy of the Windroses (2012). I'm also interested in getting the Carcassonne: The Festival sheet previously sold on cundco.

Unfortunately I missed the boat on the Carcassonne: Nikolaus-Zählleiste, but I doubt if I get a chance to get that one  ;)

If anyone can help me with one or more of these please let me know.


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