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Strategy Guide / Re: Tactical Tuesday -- Week 07
« on: October 27, 2021, 02:08:44 AM »
Building a city from B is a nice enough option, but I'm not entirely comfortable with leaving my attempt to join the city open to being blocked as there are 3 x cfcf (split cities) + 2 x cfcf (single city) + 3 x cfff = 8 tiles left that would kill it. Maybe I could defend the attempt to join on a subsequent turn or hope that maybe Yellow (or perhaps Green?) will defend it for us, but I prefer not to leave it to chance...

One of the great things about games is that within a common set of rules, people see different things in a situation and different opportunities/ options to follow from it. As someone who hasn't been playing Carcassonne for that long I can't see who would gain from blocking the city in this way and would like to understand the rationale from a more experienced perspective.

While it's probably fair to say that I have more experience than a lot of players, the vast majority of my experience comes from 2-player/ head-to-head games and I haven't actually played a 3+ player game for as long as I can remember, because I simply don't enjoy it as much. So without necessarily meaning to, I find it difficult/ uncomfortable to avoid my leanings towards options that might make more sense in a 2-player game than they would here! I can at least explain my thinking though, which is based heavily on the current situation rather than the infinite potential avenues that may follow...

At the moment Red has an advantage over Yellow and Black who are both trying to join to a more valuable city. Red's part of the city is worth 5 points and Black and Yellow have 1 point each. If it's shared, all three of them have the same number of points which represent a 4 point loss for Red. A further consequence of this would be that Green falls behind as the city grows, so on reflection, would probably prefer that Yellow and Black don't join to the city even though he needs them to in order to complete his cloister.

As the game currently stands, Yellow and Black would (in my opinion) waste one of their tile placements to lock up one of their own meeples for the rest of the game for a single point so they aren’t likely to.

Absolutely. Yellow and Black want to fill that hole in order to get into the city above. My plan would be to create the cccf gap in the hope that either of them draw one of the four remaining tiles and would place it there without hesitation.

Red would be better served using a future CFFF, CFCF splitter (in particular) or connector at either of the other open edges (1, 0) or (-1,-1) to limit Green/ Black/ Yellow invasion opportunities and/ or help close the city.

Perhaps, but I'm not entirely convinced. Red doesn't want Yellow and Black to join his city because it represents a loss to him against all players except Green. If he can block them from joining, he kills off Green's cloister and has plenty of options to throw additional city tiles at his ruined (uncompletable) city to increase its value. While it won't ever be complete, he does need to be careful to build it safely as he doesn't want to create too many opportunities for other players to share it with him even if it can't be completed as it could well end up being the most valuable feature on the board.

There is, I suppose, the argument that Red might want them to join to his city in the hope that it can be completed which could well and truly push Green out of the game if the completed city was shared equally between them. I think this would be quite hopeful as the city is already in a position whereby chances of completion can be reduced significantly from three spots, or even if nobody tries to kill it, surely someone else will find an opportunity to attack it again in a bid to win it outright.

If I were playing as Red and I didn't kill the city/ cloister, I would almost certainly be looking for ways to get a second meeple of my own into the city. Otherwise, by spending my turns attempting to bring the city towards completion I'm literally working on behalf of Yellow and Black who will more than likely join me eventually for an equal share of the city.

Green would similarly be using a placement to ensure their own monastery doesn’t complete, but would gain in relative terms against Black and Yellow and could limit Red. Instead, Green could place any of the mentioned tiles at (-1,-2) in a future attempt to invade the city which would also help their own monastery too.

As Green, I would be very nervous about that city. If I could guarantee that Yellow and Black wouldn't join it, but could find my own way to join it from elsewhere then that's 100% what I'd do. Assuming I could fill the other spaces around my cloister, I'd be happy to settle for 3 trapped meeples if mine is worth 8 and the Yellow and Black ones are worth 1!

So those are my thoughts anyway. At the top level there is increasingly talk about "mistakes" being made and inherent "correctness" of certain moves. It's difficult to ignore that certain choices can put you at a disadvantage or provide opportunities for your opponent to make your life more difficult in some way, but my attitude is that most moves are valid as long as your justification for making them holds water, because you never know what the next tile is going to be! This is why I enjoy these little discussions so much, and as yourself unclewill, feel that there's always something to be learnt by seeing a game through someone else's eyes (not literally).

Strategy Guide / Re: Tactical Tuesday -- Week 07
« on: October 25, 2021, 07:06:07 AM »
I like option C here. I don't want to leave that city cap hanging for someone else to come in and take 4 easy points with another city cap, but I also want to make some effort to defend my attempt to join Red's city. It creates a cccf gap which Green would like to see filled for his cloister (although he might not want to see it filled so much that he'd place it there himself if there is still a good chance of the city completing without him) and Yellow and Black would like to see filled to join their meeples to the shared city.

Building a city from B is a nice enough option, but I'm not entirely comfortable with leaving my attempt to join the city open to being blocked as there are 3 x cfcf (split cities) + 2 x cfcf (single city) + 3 x cfff = 8 tiles left that would kill it. Maybe I could defend the attempt to join on a subsequent turn or hope that maybe Yellow (or perhaps Green?) will defend it for us, but I prefer not to leave it to chance...

Another viable option would be a variation of Option C but turned -90 degrees so that the newly placed black knight is facing the contested city, thus giving black dominance if connected.  But this would tie up another meeple and continue a battle for a city that may never be finished, so I prefer the simpler, cleaner Option B.  :black1-meeple:

Apologies if I'm misunderstanding your intention here, but I think this would be a mistake as it would require a cccc tile to join both black meeples to the city, and the cccc tile has already been placed.

General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: October 06, 2021, 01:30:58 AM »
Yep, the trade tokens have a misprint on the back. If you see the sheets, there are 3 sheets with  Wheat/Cloth/Barrel/Wheat/Barrel.
The 4 sheet has Cloth/Cloth/Barrel/Barrel/Barrel, but on the backside of the tokens it still follows the W/C/B/W/B icons. Not a big thing, but still  ;D

But do you take off the shrink wrap to see it for yourself? That is the question! >:D

Strategy Guide / Re: Tactical Tuesday -- Week 05
« on: October 05, 2021, 03:42:21 PM »
Another interesting situation; thanks for sharing it! ;) :(y)

A seems like a good option if I want to start a new city, but with 3 open sides it's still going to take a bit of work to finish it so my feeling is that I wouldn't want to start a new city from this tile.

B is OK for the same reason as A, the main difference being that, if completed, the extra city would add value to my farm. So that's good. But I don't like my chances of finishing it there as much as I do with A as I think it's only a matter of time before black joins my farm via a tile that will probably point a road towards the cccf requiring a cfrr to close that side of it. 1 of these is already gone, so I might not want to risk not drawing one of the remaining 2.

If I went with C it would be to prevent black from joining my farm, I certainly wouldn't meeple it. Or if I did, I wouldn't be expecting to get that meeple back before the end of the game.

D is another reasonable attempt to block the farm, but not a good attempt to build a city, so it wouldn't get one of my meeples! Also worth pointing out that there are still 3 crfr tiles left so if the purpose is purely to block, C is the better option.

At the moment, the city shared by black and yellow is only two tiles away from completion and will be worth good points if it gets completed. With two players who will presumably be making this their priority, I'd want to make the most of any opportunity to share it with them, even if this means that all 4 players end up getting an equal share and its value is consequently negated. E is definitely my favourite of the options I've seen so far.

F doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Black's knight is worth 1 point at the moment, so if he completes the city for 4 points it will have generated him 3 points, but also 3 points for me as it adds another city to the farm. So as long as I can keep the farm to myself, I don't mind if he completes that city as long as he's helping me as much as he helps himself. Trying to share it makes no sense to me while there are much more valuable cities available for me to go for.

G is the sort of move that I probably wouldn't do but might regret not having done depending on how things turn out with the farm! At the moment though, I don't feel it's worth trying to secure my farm with a second meeple while it's still only worth 6 points. I'd prefer to try to block black if the farm was my priority, and there is a good option for that in C (but without meeple). However, I'd be especially annoyed if black and yellow went on to complete their city that I'd extended (despite the extra 3 points that it would give me for my farm) as it would likely push me out of the game unless I could match them elsewhere. That's not out of the question, but still, I can't quite bring myself to prioritise this ahead of E.

General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: October 05, 2021, 03:02:19 PM »
I really like the tin boxes. And i even love them more when the postman brings one.

Nice one. A worthy addition to any Carcassonne collection. :) :(y)

Thanks for the warnings!

Cundco is often a good bet if you're struggling to find something elsewhere. You didn't say whether you were looking for old or new artwork so I've assumed new: (this will be for the German edition btw - the game components are language independent and you can find and print English instructions online if you don't speak German)...

It appears to be in stock there at the moment, for a price of €14.99. However, you will need to add shipping to that obviously, which can be quite expensive depending on where you are. If shipping is prohibitively expensive, you may find that your best bet is eBay, although I'm sure others here will have some other suggestions too.

Hope this helps.

Strategy Guide / Re: Tactical Tuesday -- Week 04
« on: September 30, 2021, 01:53:31 AM »
Thanks for this series kothmann. I would have loved to have been more involved from the start if I'd been aware that these strategically minded posts were being made, but I haven't been visiting the forums so much lately. Anyway, here are my thoughts which I jotted down as I went through the options:

A feels like a waste of a meeple at this stage. 4 of the rrrx tiles have already gone, so my main reason for placing here would be to hinder red and black, I certainly wouldn't place a meeple.

B also feels like a bad move. It's high risk, and fairly low reward since the other farm is larger and has more points of entry.

C is possibly my favourite (so far - I'm writing this as I go through the options) as it's attacking the most valuable farm and has two routes onto it, one of which red and black will have to help out with if they want to finish their roads, the other might be assisted by black if he extends his road adjacent to his farmer.

D feels a lot better than A in that it hinders red and black without risking a meeple. I would be looking to get a share of the big farm at this point though so C is still my favourite.

E is similar to C although it prioritises the secondary route onto the farm via black's road. There isn't much between them, but I think I still prefer C as it blocks grey from getting onto the farm which would be achieved by red and black joining their roads together.

F doesn't seem like a good option to me as it's easily thwarted by another player pointing a road towards the join, but even if it's successful I struggle to see a shared road with black as a priority at this point whereas the farm really could make all the difference.

G doesn't seem great either. It reduces black's chances of extending his road slightly, but if I was looking to take a 2-point road with growth potential at this point I'd go for the east branch off the rrrr tile as it creates an opportunity to hinder black's city at the top.

H is a decent choice, although I don't entirely like the idea of setting grey up to take some easy points by adding to the road. An alternative might be to place it above the tile it's below so that it can join in the gap immediately to the left with a common tile like a ffrr or the remaining fffr. That's easily blocked though, so on second thoughts I probably agree that it's better to give away a couple of points to grey if an attack on the farm is to be launched from here.

I is better than G in my opinion because of the opportunity it creates to attack black's city, but it's still not my preferred option.

Having seen all the options, it's between C and H for me. However, I choose C because it hinders every other player. Black and red are hindered by their road needing a rrrx to complete it rather than just a rrxx, and grey is hindered because it prevents his farm merging onto the main one. H is still good, but it doesn't hinder black or red and leaves grey with a nice opportunity to extend his road, and still reach the main farm.

... it seems that Black will almost always re-invade the field (add a second farmer) from wherever Yellow didn't.  In other words, if Yellow chose H, Black chooses either E or @unclewill's J.   My notion that Yellow would still be able to enter the field from the east ("this field is still pretty open...") seems to be quite wrong, because I had a hard time adding a second Yellow farmer.  I could do it eventually, but Black could also add a 3rd, etc...

I think it's hard to say what might happen next as it will always be dictated based on what the tiles will allow. But if an all-out farm war were to erupt between black and yellow and both players were a similar standard I'd have my money on yellow taking it outright simply because black has more meeples committed elsewhere and will need to commit turns to these if he wishes to get them back rather than focussing purely on the farm like yellow can afford to do. Yellow may have to work to create some opportunities to get 2nd (3rd/ 4th...) farmers onto it, but it still looks to me as though there should be plenty of opportunities to do so.

General / Re: TGBCW—August UK Meet-Up; My journey to my first ever KFC
« on: August 31, 2021, 02:36:41 AM »
Thanks for that great write-up Willem. Not much I can add, other than to thank everyone for their presence and to say how much I enjoyed myself (despite finishing last at possibly everything!)

Already looking forward to TGBVPASDFOKGUTOSOPKBDFPJHUOK[AF[HKO :) :(y)

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Re: The Basegame (Double) League
« on: August 26, 2021, 02:40:31 AM »
I'm terribly sorry for reacting that slow.  Life has been very hectic for me, lately (starting up my own architects' practice, designing my own house & first baby on the way,...) and at the moment I finally tried to log in Carcassonne Central...well...then it was down.

Sounds like you've got a lot going on at the moment so it's especially nice to have you back thodekey. Congratulations on the impending arrival (and everything else)! :) :(y)

PS: I'm only used to play with JCloisterzone if that's possible for you folks?

I saw it didn't take you long to sign up to BGA?

General / Re: Need help deciding which "The River " to buy.
« on: August 24, 2021, 07:57:26 AM »
Incidentally, I also have a copy of River 1 with the copy protection codes which also has the dark backs. I’ve seen danisthirty’s note on this in the FAQ; is this any more than a curiosity?

Wow, someone read my FAQ! Excellent :) :(y) You can have a merit for that...

News and Events / Re: Meeple Flags will replace scoring tiles
« on: August 18, 2021, 04:52:00 AM »
Those coins look cool and I love the authenticity of it! We've done similar but have gone for "smiley tokens" ( to represent 50 points. We don't have any kind of ritual like yours (thankfully?), but generally people don't forget to pick up a smiley as they complete a lap of the scoretrack since they're highly sought-after during games.

News and Events / Re: Meeple Flags will replace scoring tiles
« on: August 18, 2021, 01:25:33 AM »
This looks nice, and may prevent some errors ("did I already flip my scoring tile?").

"Did I already change my flag?" >:D

General / Re: Carcassonne: Carc Central Edition?
« on: July 26, 2021, 07:27:05 AM »
FRFR v2 - photoshopped image of a road near Carcacassonne (courtesy of Google Maps)


Can I also claim a ffff cloister if there are tiles going spare?

General / Re: Carcassonne: Carc Central Edition?
« on: July 26, 2021, 06:01:04 AM »
Great work! I'd better get to work finalising my design! :) :(y)

+1 merit for taking the lead on this one Willem!

News and Events / Re: Carcassonne Central is back!
« on: July 23, 2021, 07:45:47 AM »
Paleo getting a new print just for "diversity" complaints.

*sigh*, not even board games are safe from this progressist shenanigans. Can't wait to play with my black, transgender caveman.

not all cavemen were white lol it's a fair complaint. plus new editions are perfect opportunities to change art, anyway. just play the old editions if you don't like it.

+1 to this.

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