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Playing Online with JCloisterZone (JCZ)

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No problem!  ;D

If there are any issues to cover, just let me know.

So you planning a round of online Carcassonne?  >:D

Depends if cabin fever strikes ...

Initially it was just to get it running on my local machine, so I could get some practice in against Adda.


--- Quote from: wolnic on March 22, 2020, 04:02:25 PM ---That did the trick ... many thanks! I was just following the message that the JDK was required ...

--- End quote ---
Me too, unfortunately...

I've got Java installed and have downloaded JCZ.
Double clicking the .jar file (in Windows 10) I see the splash screen, but then nothing ...

Is anyone able to help?

Hi cicerunner!

Have you tried to run JCZ from the command line? Check the instructions above to launch JCZ with the following command:

--- Code: ---java -jar JCloisterZone.jar

--- End code ---

If any error messages are displayed, we may find out what is happening.



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