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So I know the two Russian promos. But I don't recognise the other 2 in this picture. Anyone know them?

General / New Art vs Original Art Dividers
« on: July 07, 2016, 07:37:28 AM »

So some of you guys will have the absolutely amazing boxes made by Basically Wooden. I was asking them to make me a couple of bespoke dividers and also asked if they had any different dividers for the new art versions to distinguish them from the original art.

They don't have anything as yet but i was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for an extra icon on the dividers in front of the normal Carcassonne watermark icons that we could use to identify new art versions?

So far all i can think of is the following, and they might be a bit crap...

C 2.0 (with the c from carc icon)

anyone got any better ideas for this?

General / Just a spot of Meeple inventory checking....
« on: May 15, 2016, 01:32:33 PM »
Doing a bit of tidying up..classic Sunday and thought i'd do a quick stock check of my meeples.

God knows how, but turns out i'm missing a few cundco i go!!

took a few photos as it looks pretty cool!

General / New Art Colour Matching.... (or lack thereof)
« on: May 11, 2016, 01:26:55 PM »
So, i was chatting with Decar in the Japanese Temples thread about colour matching on the new art expansions. Said i'd put together a small picture board as i have them all. Been away on holidays but got back yesterday and had a free evening tonight. So here we are:

1 - First up we have the Labyrinth which doesn't match ANYTHING. Hold up...i've used the wrong Labyrinth tile haven't i.....ok, ignore the labyrinth stuff on here! I'm still jetlagged.

2 - The next four vertical tiles are the base tiles from the new art game. The third column is the Princess and dragon tiles

doesn't look TOO bad but the grass is a tiny bit off and the city is fairly different. As a side note i LOVE the new dragon and volcano icons. Here's a close up of the cities together:

3 - i added in the next column which is Traders and Builders. The light here actually doesn't make it look too bad. But you can really tell the difference on those cities.

Here's a close up of the mismatch - it really is a terrible colour difference and very noticeable.:

4 - i added on inns and cathedrals - the greens match quite well but definitely aren't perfect with P&D - but with the cathedral you will see a big difference in colour against P+D cities

5 - So i then added another column of Princess and Dragon just to show how much the colours are off, especially against that nice dark brown cathedral.

It's not even's a closer look:

6 - I added the river in as well where it looks like quite a good match. The greens of the river are definitely off a bit, but the cities are strange. they seem to be halfway between P+D and the others - maybe it is just the art which makes them look a little lighter?

7 - and then we have the Japanese temples....oh dear. Those greens are way off. (apologies for not matching up the tiles with correct rules here but it was a bit tough with the river!!!)

They don't match anything....:

and the Spiel tiles are again a different green.

Summary - it's a real shame. This was a chance, after the many expansions and promos inevitably had some colour differences in the old style, to start afresh and make sure everything matches. Unfortunately many of them are all different.

Here's the album if you want to see the higher res pictures:

General / School Meeples
« on: May 11, 2016, 04:59:35 AM »
Could someone do me a big favour and post a pic of the school meeples next to each other. specifically the black and purple ones. i feel like the black and purple ones i have are fake! as they seem much more like phantoms than the other coloured school meeples i have?

A side by side with the colours would be great and one showing the thicknesses?

The Marketplace / Ebay - all 6 minis for sale
« on: May 11, 2016, 01:21:31 AM »
hey, stumbled across this whilst casually ebay searching at work:

all 6 minis for sale for about $55 - not actually that bad for ebay

only one left if anyone needs these?

The Marketplace / WTT: German writing wheel of fortune
« on: May 06, 2016, 02:05:11 PM »
Hey all.

What would anyone want for this? If anyone anywhere was willing to part with one.

I have quite a lot of things to trade.

Reviews & Session Reports / First Game of Star Wards Carc
« on: April 27, 2016, 03:37:29 AM »
So last night at London on Board club, we had played a game of keyflower and a big game of Carc and wanted something a little bit lighter. One of the guys had recently bought Star Wars Carc and wanted to try it out. Now, i'm definitely a bit of a carc snob and so wasn't overly keen but i went along anyway as why not, and it was nearly home time.

I was playing as Yoda and the owner had bought a set of dice in everyones colour which was a great little addition. At first i was skepitcal with no "fields" and battles?! However, I have to say that i actually loved it. The mechanic of being able to jump into a "monastery" planet and fight it out was excellent and made the game so much fun.

We had a couple of huge "road"/trading route and "city"/Asteroid field battles and one three way battle which was awesome.

afterwards we all enjoyed it so much we played another 2 times. Even though we are big carc fans and love to get deep into strategies with expansions this provided a much needed lighthearted fun version with excellent intrigue and battles happening all over the place.

I thought the mechanics of the icons where you can play an extra dice were great although i feel they could have expanded the icon rules a bit more. not sure how but sometimes they just felt a little tacked on for 2 bonus points each instead of doing something extra? not sure what to suggest though?

I never thought i'd enjoy it so much but on the train home last night i got my phone out and ordered it straight away. (the missus will be livid!) and also a few sets of dice for each player as that was great.

I hear there is an expansion coming with extra rules and gameplay and i'll be on that like a shot!

Other Games / Keyflower
« on: April 20, 2016, 02:10:51 AM »
Does anyone here play Keyflower? i have to say, i absolutely love it. Been playing it a lot this year and now its on boardgamearena i can play it against my bro up north.

Also, it has some sweet promo tiles for collecting as well for when you run out of Carcassonne collections!!!

General / Gingerbead Man differences?
« on: April 19, 2016, 04:21:36 AM »
I was going through some old posts on here (bored at work) and saw someone mention that there are two different versions of the Gingerbread man expansion...but i can't for the life of me find out any other info other than one post.

can anyone help me out?

General / How do i know if it's a 1st edition
« on: April 13, 2016, 02:05:20 AM »
So i have a couple of offers to buy some "2000" editions of Carc. Rio Grande/HiG - no SdJ stickers or mentions. All 3 are in shrink wrap still and have a photo of the 70 point board on the back.

The thing is, i am after the 70 point board. Is there any way of specifically knowing if it will have a 70 point board in them without opening them up?

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