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News and Events / Re: Carcassonne in Carcassonne - 2024
« on: May 19, 2024, 02:33:25 AM »
hi, I believe that for the moment the registrations are not yet online, I will keep you informed

thanks a lot Oldbonz, I know you have my email address. would you mind sending me an email? I am currently very much tied up in other things and not so often here on the platform. Many thanks!!!!

News and Events / Re: Carcassonne in Carcassonne - 2024
« on: May 19, 2024, 02:04:05 AM »
the maximum number of participants was 72 in 2023, so be ready for registrations for the 2024 session

I need to register somewhere? I did not know. Can you tell me where?

I am very happy to go this year and meet Linksux, Oldbonz, Willem and hopefully also Meepledrone  :D   :D   :D 
Anyone else going?

General / Re: The Ballad of Carcassonne
« on: February 21, 2024, 04:43:07 AM »
So cool that we have our own song now!!  :D   :pink-meeple:

Great idea and realisation +1 merit

Official Rules / Re: The Spell Cirlces – Rules
« on: January 28, 2024, 03:21:58 AM »
Here my current questions concerning Spell Circles (so far - maybe more to come)

Standalone game

Question 1
The cat Eloise is standing outside the game area so her supply of ghosts is still active. I have to remove ghosts from the game so the ghost count in Eloises supply adds up to over 7. Do I still put all the ghosts into her supply?
My personal answer: yes
(argument for "no": putting every ghost over the count of 7 into the general supply would get the cat earlier into the game, which is good because we score points)

Question 2:
I place a tile with spell circles and now have to move ghosts from the vicinity into the spell circles. There are more ghosts in the vicinity than spell circles. Can I chose which ghosts to move?
My personal answer: yes

Question 3
The cat is standing next to a meeple. This meeple will be buried now. What happens to the cat? Will it be moved to another meeple in the game?
My personal answer: yes
("no"could be the option that the cat temporarily leaves the game and comes back with the next meeple...)

Question 4
Can I place the cat next to a meeple which already has a hound token (or even 2 hound tokens) next to it? (happens more often than you think)
My personal answer: yes

Question 5
If there is a hound token and the cat standing with the same meeple who scores now, which one (hound or cat) is scored first?
My personal answer: ? ? ?
The question is: does it really matter?
To be able to answer that question the first question to answer is: how does scoring work EXACTLY for meeples with hounds
Possibility 1:
Score the meeple and move the scoring meeple on the scoring track accordingly. Then score the hound and move the scoring meeple on the scoring track accordingly.
Possibility 2:
Score the meeple, score the hound, then move the scoring meeple on the scoring track with the total amount of points.
From the rules, I read that possibility 1 is correct. (please prove me wrong if I am wrong)
That means, after the meeple scoring, the scoring meeple on the scoring track might pass another hound token, which then has to be placed into the game immediately thus removes ghosts which cannot be scored anymore by the hound token...
Therefore, to anwer the initial question, I would go for soring the hound first, because the cat only scores ghosts in spell circles which cannot be removed by a newly placed hound token. Scoring the cat first could modify the ghost count for the remaining hound token.
My personal answer: first the hound, then the cat

Question 6
Level 5 and 6
I place a cemetary tile and have to add ghosts to adjacent tiles with mists. Does this also apply for adjacent spell circle tiles with mist?
My personal answer: yes

Any comments?


(me too  :D - at least in this thread ...
I have opened a new one here: )

As you know, I get a set of custom meeples for winning the Advent Quizz.  :D Thanks again @Meepledrone for this very special gift!  :(y)

I wanted these custom meeples to benefit the whole community, so I created a very special design (with the precious help of Meepledrone).  :neutral-meeple:

The custom meeples will in fact be a special figure to be used in the first second ever fan-expansion for Mists over Carcassonne (for both standalone game and expansion 11)

A little hint:
the expansion is about protection against ghosts.....
sounds familiar? -> check "hospitals against the plague"
With all this said: who can guess the name of the special figure?

 >:D   >:D   >:D 

I thought some of you might be interested in this:

This is the 3rd time I participated in the quizz.  :D My first year was a "carnage", (I made a lot of sometimes silly mistakes). It was a real bad wake up call that these questions seem so innocent but are brutally difficult.  >:D So I made a promise to myself to learn from my mistakes and to never make the same mistakes again.  C:-) So each year I refine my strategy for the next year.

Here is my strategy for 2024 which already includes the lessons learned from this year’s mistakes:

1) look at every tile and every meeple/figure individually and write down everything I see:
- which expansion?
- inns, vineyards, pig herds, group of travelers, pigsy, little highwaymen, ...
- what kind of different meeples are there? Normal meeples, mayor, …
In some cases (Grinch questions) I even print the game-situation so that I can make checkmarks on the impression.

2) open simultaneously the WICA page for EVERY expansion involved in the question (even if I am SURE that I know the rules!!) and read every WICA page from A to Z including ALL the footnotes (Meepledrone mostly takes edge cases which are only mentioned in the footnotes!!). Complete my notes under 1) by writing down the particularities of each expansion in combination with the elements already noted under 1)

3) read my notes from the previous year’s quizzes and what I did wrong.

4) with all this knowledge: write the answers to the questions, if necessary go back and forth between WICA pages or even consult rules explanations in the CarcC Forum (this might be necessary for recent published expansions - like The Drawbridges this year)

5) go to WICA Reference Guides (Tools) and select the appropriate Scoring Guide (During your turn / after the game) and cross-check my results

6) go back to my initial list of notes 1) and check if I included every detail in my answer

7) send my answer to Meepledrone

8 ) re-check my answers for all questions a few days before the final deadline for submission and send a correction if necessary

9) after the results are published, make notes of what I did wrong so that I will not do it again

* Number 6 is new from this year (would have prevented at least 1 mistake)
* Number 5 was there before but I did not use it very often this year which is a pity because I am sure it would have prevented one or two mistakes
* Number 8 was there from the beginning but frankly, I never took the time to re-check everything. Every year it’s the same: I am too lazy after Christmas … :D

But even all this is no guarantee to get it right  :D Some questions are so wildly complicated that my brain gets confused and here even WICA does not help.....  >:D

WOW!!! I just came home and discovered the news  :D  :D  :D  :pink-meeple:

I am very very very happy  :pink-meeple: :gray-meeple: :violet-meeple: :red-meeple: :green-meeple: :yellow-meeple: :blue-meeple: :black1-meeple:

Thank you all for the congratulations and above all THANK YOU @Meepledrone for this amazing quizz. Every Christmas, this is one of the highlights because it is so much fun to electrocute my brain with these tricky edgy wicked questions. You put so much effort and work in the questions themselves and also in the description of the answers. Thank you so much!!! (another merit merited  :D )

Thanks. It is completely obvious now - I don't know why I did not apply this to answer the question ....  :@ ... well that's the Advent Quizz  :D
Anyway, this was not the only mistake I made here ...
Congrats to those who got this right!!  :(y)

So do I understand correctly that the tile with the vineyard is counted twice for the German Cathedral scoring?
Which would mean, that each road leading to the German Cathedral is scored independently for the Cathedral scoring, correct?

Congratulations @NGC 54 for the right answer to this one!!  :(y)

oh.... it's always sooo exciting when the results come out ....  :D  thanks @Meepledrone for all the counting and re-counting!!  :(y)

I totally agree with the meeple council, @Meepledrone has done a wonderful job again to entertain us until Christmas.
Thank you very much!!!   :(y)

A merit also from me :D



- Santa Claus: I'm glad we came to check it out
- Gingerbread Man: yes, now we know for sure
- Snowman: and no longer need to worry
- Fir Tree: (drops a pine cone)
- Danisthirty: Luckily Hans im Glück stuck to the agreement and really did close for the holidays - look, the shutters are down
- Danisthirty: it would have been really awful if we'd had to deal with complaints from the unions
- Santa Claus: unthinkable  :o
- Gingerbread Man:that would have been terrible  :(
- Snowman: we really wouldn't have needed that
- Fir Tree: (a brunch breaks)  :o
- Santa Claus: well, then we can make the announcement, can't we?  >:D
- Santa Claus: is the Grinch..… ? ?
- Gingerbread Man: yes, we stopped by Challa007 on the way here and she gave us two of her highwaymen.....
- Danisthirty: I thought the crabs....? ?
- Gingerbread Man: No, they refused to come to Munich at this time of year, much too cold, they said, ...
- Santa Claus: I admit there’s a very strong wind today, my hat was almost blown away….  :o
- Fir Tree: (shakes violently and drops a few more pine cones)  :o
- Snowman: How good that Challa007 told us about this shelter with a good view of the HiG headquarters....
- Danisthirty: Yes, we wouldn't have been able to make the meeting otherwise...
- Santa Claus: and where are the crabs now?
- Gingerbread Man: I think they are relaxing in the Mediterranean in the meantime  :D
- Danisthirty: Ah good, and I see the highwaymen have the Grinch well under control, is he....
- The Grinch: arghm mpfh grmphf  >:(
- Gingerbread Man: Yes, they had to tie him up, he resisted quite vigorously. He didn’t want Meepledro...
- Snowman: Shhhht, do not spoil the announcement!!
- Gingerbread Man: sorryyyyyyyyyyy  :-\
- Danisthirty: ok, lets do it
- Gingerbread Man: yes
- Snowman: yes
- Fir Tree: (sways gently back and forth)
- Santa Claus: The Meeple Council has an announcement to make!
- Santa Claus: We have held an official meeting during our short trip to Munich and decided by a vote of 5:1 ….

- The Grinch: arghm mpfh grmphf  >:(
- Santa Claus: … to award Meepledrone for his special contributions in the Advent Quizz 2023...
- The Grinch: arghm mpfh grmphf  >:(
- Santa Claus: ... with the Meeple Council’s Special Order of Merit!!
- Gingerbread Man: he has done such a great job, indeed!
- Snowman: outstanding!
- Fir Tree: (drops a pine cone)  :D
- Santa Claus: well deserved!  :)
- Danisthirty: thanks Bro!
- The Grinch: arghm mpfh grmphf  >:(
- Santa Claus: ... and now Merry Christmas to everybody!

hahaha (I think the Grinch will change his opinion soon  >:D )

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