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News and Events / Carcassonne Central Worldcup 2023 (BGA Tournament)
« on: August 02, 2023, 09:14:18 AM »
Hello hello !

I'm organizing an online Tournament on BGA, The tournament will be on Sunday, September 24, 2023 9:00pm (CEST).

all the details are here on this topic :

Special prize for the winner !  :pink-meeple: :pink-meeple: :pink-meeple:

Also, i organize a smaller tournament, just for train / test the configuration of BGA : 8 players only, it will be this sunday august 6th at 9:00pm (CEST)

Full : 32 players will compete to determine who will be the world champion (well, from central Carcassonne at least)
Registration still possible on the waiting-list (actually 0)

Good luck to :
@Juliano Apóstata

Hello everyone !

I hope you are having a great summer, and maybe enjoying some crazy carcassonne games!   8)

With the agreement of Carcassonne owners, I propose to organize The Carcassonne central worldcup 2023 ! The tournament will be on Sunday, September 24, 2023 9:00pm (CEST).
Registration deadline: FULL but waiting list is open (last update : 09 august / zero)
Numbers of spots : 32
FREE - you don't need a premium account to participate

The tournament will take place on the BGA gaming platform: BoardGameArena:

Danisthirty made a "quick" overview of BGA to help newer players feel more comfortable with the environment:
And a video of gameplay :

I recommend playing on a computer and not on a phone/tablet, unless you are already familiar to playing on these devices. Personally, I find it much more practical to play on a computer because there is too much risk of error in placing meeples/tiles on mobile devices.

I now invite you to create an account (free) and familiarize yourself with the site (which is very well done!).
You can play Carcassonne for free (by joining a game) or by creating game tables (requires the premium version at 5 euros per month or 36 euros per year).

Carcassonne game format will be the same as officials tournaments :

• Mode: Normal mode
• Game Speed: Real-time
• Number of players per game: 2
• Time per player : 15 minutes (so max 30 min per game)
No expansions
• Field scoring: Each field is worth 3 points per adjacent completed city (International rules)
• Completed 2-tile cities: 4 points (International rules)

The competition will be split into two distinct stages:

• The first stage will be the "group stage".

• The second stage will be the "knock-out stage".

Only 16 players will advance from the group stage to the knock-out stage.

In the group stage, all players will be organized into one of four groups (8 groups of 4 : 32 participants). Within each group, each player will play a single game against every other player in the same group and will have a score calculated based on the number of wins, draws or losses they achieve.

At the end of the group stage, the 2 top players from each group will go through to the knock-out stage.

Everyone who takes part will receive a specially-designed Carcassonne Central World Cup souvenir tile.
The winner of the contest will win an unofficially Carcassonne Pretty in Pink Edition  :pink-meeple: (printed directly on cundco blank tiles / handmade box : see following post).
The number 2 and 3 will get a prize also (a copy of the new extension release in September in Carcassonne - more info when available).

The tournament is open to everyone and every level, please be fair and have fun!  :orange-meeple:

This is a private community tournament on invitations only. You must be a Carcassonne central member to participate.
If you want to subscribe, please send me your BGA name by PM and i will send you the invite in BGA.

My BGA account is : Linkarssonne

And remember, this is for fun ! (also for the pink edition  :pink-meeple: )

General / Personal tile from Marcel Gröber
« on: December 09, 2022, 07:32:17 AM »
Hello everyone,

I want to share the tile drawn by Marcel Gröber (designer of the C3 stylish games) during the festival in Carcassonne city in September for the 20th anniversary

As a fan, player and collector. I can not be happier to have a tile with my effigy !

I printed a lot of thoses tiles on official blank tiles, so if anyone want one, I will be happy to send one (you only have to pay the stamp)

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I want to trade some stuff :
- Spiel 2021
- CutCassonne (little damaged at the opening but tiles are ok)
- Phantom all colors available

I need some stuff, I can buy or add money etc. :
- blue bag with 3 meeples (see photo)
- coaster C1 pack (see photo)
- Russian bag the yellow one
- ark of the covenant but only with the ark in wood :)

If you got one this please PM so we can discuss :-)

Have a nice day

News and Events / 2022 Carcassonne Anniversary event
« on: July 23, 2021, 01:21:14 PM »
Hello everyone,

Currently there is a photo contest on instagram to celebrate the 20th year anniversary, photos must be shared between July 17th and August 15th.

You can found the rules here (USA rules) :

Also the French one :

Italien :

The contest is open to several country, the prize is the 20th edition game + 50 euros carcassonne stuff for the 10 highest scoring participant.

To participate in this contest, participants must share one picture of one or more Meeple in front of a designated background on their Instagram feed using the hashtag #carcassonne20contest and #carcassonne20Country (USA, FR, DE, NL, JP etc.) :

street – 2 points
pub/inn/tavern – 3 points
world heritage – 4 points
pig/piglet – 5 points
meadow – 2 points
river – 3 points
monastery – 4 points
cathedral – 5 points
fountain – 2 points
tower – 4 points
circus – 5 points
market square – 3 points
dragon – 4 points
volcano – 5 points
You can have 1 to 3 additional points for creativity.

BUT, there is an other price !!! (Quote from the US rules) :
Sponsor will randomly select five (5) Grand Prize Winners. If any Grand Prize Winner is from the USA, each such Grand Prize Winner will receive two (2) round trip airline tickets and any necessary bus/train tickets to Carcassonne, France for the 2022 Carcassonne Anniversary event. Grand Prize Winners will also receive three (3) nights’ accommodations, free entrance to the Anniversary event, and VIP access to special events.

Maybe this event was initially planned this year but postponed to 2022 because of the COVID situation ?

I have the chance to live close to Carcassonne, count on me to participate !!!

I am in the contest you can find my pictures on my Instagram :

What do you think about the contest and the prizes ?

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The Marketplace / WTB Coasters in C1
« on: March 01, 2021, 12:51:04 AM »
Hello everyone !

I am looking for the C1 Coasters here in photo :

Someone wants to sell them or know where to find them?

Let me know what you are looking for this, money or other carcassonne stuff :)

Best regards

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The Marketplace / WTS/WTG The Fantom and others
« on: February 12, 2021, 07:50:10 AM »
Hello guys,

I have for selling some Fantom brand new, never opened - every colors are available : 5 euros for one.

For every fantom sold, I offer the dominion « walled village » card !

Shipping cost are 3,98 euros worldwide - 2 euros in France.

(I can put 2 fantom in one shipment for the same shipping cost)


Also, I want to give : only shipping cost have to be paid (PayPal if possible)

- the display of the carcassonne fantom
- die burg box and spare parts (i used some parts for crafting the falcon expansion) : 42 tiles, all the meeples, some wall parts, and the wall tokens
- tokens map chips (I used for the falcon nest craft expansion)

If someone want to craft the falcon expansion for die burg (the castle), it’s now or never :-)
Map chips tokens are perfect for the falcon’s nest !

Here what I did with the display stand :

Have a nice day!

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