Author Topic: Twenty-four Spiel Tiles, one Darmstadt, one Tunnels, and two River II - on offer  (Read 665 times)

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Not sure how to interpret that  :P
If you are not comfortable with me purchasing multiple of the same tile because you'd rather different people enjoy them or for x other reason I would also understand! Or if you feel it is an unfair offer, let me know  :)

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Lawks a-mercy!

OK, I'm going to mark these as "reserved for runetri250".  I can't give your offer the serious attention it deserves just right now because:

- I wasn't expecting an offer like that :)
- I am burdened by shovelling boxes out the door carefully fielding queries, preparing, documenting, organising shipping, organising payment, carefully packing and handing over to selected carriers the many things I'm selling here and through boardgamegeek (still 1200 games and expansions to go!),
- I haven't begun to catalogue my complete V1 collection yet (verifying completeness and condition of each part, language, box/no box, rule-sheets present/not present and so on and so forth),
- I need to itemise the other bits-and-bobs I have (including the Big Boxes and some relatively common (or at least they used to be) expansions);
- I need to decide what I want to keep for myself (a Big Box, probably);
- I don't know whether to sell the complete collection as a whole in its "Basically Wooden" box, or to break it into its parts,
- -  If I were to sell it in parts, I would have a "like new" Darmstadt (with the Catan and other tiles cut from the larger sheet); a good condition CSC and similar things to sell separately.
- I spend unnecessary time trying to be hopefully humorous and informative and getting the formatting of my posts "just so".

Phew!   No-one needed to know all that, but I just wanted to say that a period of silence on my part is not me ignoring your serious offer!

I'll be in touch :)  I'll PM you about Payment methods maybe later tonight, but probably tomorrow so we can get that out of the way.

Cheerio and Toodle Pip!
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Welcome to the forum runetri250 - Glad you've been able to find some hard to find assets here. Thanks to Egmar to showing continued patience. My shelves are nowhere near 1200 games, but there's enough here to know how hard cataloguing it would be!

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