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Hey all, not sure if many of our current members will remember Carcatronn (Ted) who used to run the Carcassonne Shoppe, and who also masterminded his hugely successful Kickstarter campaign "The Adults of Carcassonne" but all of us oldies certainly will do. Anyway, he recently shared the following photos via his Facebook page so I thought I'd share them here too in case anyone else is interested in getting their hands on a set of giant Carcassonne tiles (specifications below):

After more than 3 years, it was time to dig into storage and sort out the remaining sets of Carcassonne Coasters. You are looking at the last 100 sets in existence, and man was that a long day! If you or your friends are interested, you can email us at to snag a set for $25 + shipping! Sets will include the original 72 base game designs, Corn Circle I, Tunnels, and the Abbeys.

Coaster Set details:

* 2mm thick (like the actual game tiles) 3.5 in x 3.5 in
* 72 coasters in the original base game designs
* 7 coasters in the 7 Corn Circle I designs
* 4 coasters in the 4 Tunnels designs
* 6 coasters in the 1 Abbey designs (to support 6 players)Sets include the original 72 base game designs, Corn Circle I, The Tunnels, and the Abbeys for $25 + shipping

These are the only ones in existence so get them while you can if you're interested as they're going fast! :o


Thanks for sharing Dan. I'd seen his tweet but wasn't sure about what was included. Not sure I've got a big enough table for this, but certainly one to add to the collection for collectors / completionists!

Wow, I always blamed me not being enough Carcassonne fan in 2014 to participate to the Adults of Carcassonne kickstarter campaign, now I have the last chance to get my hands on those wonderful tiles and I don't want to miss it!!!
Thank you very much Dan for this post, I am going to send an email right now!

Email sent - fingers crossed

Halfling, I've emailed them to.
Shall we double up to possibly save on shipping?


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