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BGExtras have new copies of die Windrosen I (with NSOW) in stock from Cundco:

Meeplesource are resuming shipping to the UK again after 2 years.

They won’t be collecting VAT though so beware of getting too carried away!

Just a quick word of warning there.

--- Quote ---VAT is charged on all goods (except for gifts worth £39 or less) sent from:
 - outside the UK to Great Britain
 - outside the UK and the EU to Northern Ireland
VAT is not charged on goods that are gifts worth £39 or less.

You pay VAT when you buy the goods or to the delivery company before you receive them.
--- End quote ---

If MeepleSource aren't collecting the VAT, it may be that you're stung with a VAT charge when it arrives at customs; and there are likely the dreaded administration fees around that.

Customs Duty is paid for good over £135

Have a look at this guy, on ebay:

He has some interesting (but expensive) stuff


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