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General / German Carcassonne Forum status?
« on: May 11, 2022, 12:43:08 PM »
For the last couple of days I've not been able to access CarcF. Is there a known problem, or is it just me? I get a SQL error.

Official Rules / Hunters and Gatherers (v2) : Rules Discrepancies
« on: March 21, 2022, 02:59:44 PM »
I'm in the process of adding the 2020 version of Hunters and Gatherers to WICA and have noticed a couple of errors in the Z-Man Games English rules versions (whodathunkit?). I've checked with both HiG and 999 Games versions of the rules and for several of the items they are correct - so translation (or more likely just the editing process) has been the problem, and there is one thing that is, perhaps, an oversight in all the versions.

Does anyone know of any other discrepancies between the original HiG rules and translated ones that I can add to the WICA page?

The differences and errors I spotted are ...
  • In the Game Components section, the English version adds the origin/meaning for the word menhir, which neither HiG nor 999 include
  • In the section Scoring a Forest, ZMG state that the forest scores "8 points from 8 tiles", whereas HiG and 999 correctly note it's from "4 tiles"
  • In the Log Boat Scoring Example, ZMG note that the score is "8 points from 3 lakes", whereas HiG and 999 correctly note it's from "4 lakes"
  • In the Log Boat Scoring Example, HiG, 999 and ZMG all suggest that Red could score 5 points closing a river section (occupied by Red's hut) as well as the 8 points for the log boat itself; the log boat tile also closes a 6-point river segment occupied by Blue's hut. I know it's only 1 point, but ...

The following situation arose in our game today.

The pit trap (bonus tile) was placed first (it's two tiles to the right of the highlighted tile). This results in the animals on the 8 surrounding tiles scoring double points at the end of the game, so deer=2, aurochs=4 and mammoth=6. Then the hunting pit (bonus tile, outlined in red in attached photo) was drawn by the same player. This results in immediate scoring of the animals on any tiles on the 8 surrounding tiles.

The question we had was whether the animals should score double points for the immediate scoring even though it wasn't the end of the game. Any thoughts?

JCloisterZone FAQ, Suggestions & Bug Reports / Carc For 2
« on: March 23, 2020, 07:27:36 AM »
Anyone tried this?

When I select CF2 under Preferences / PlugIns, disable Carc1, Save, then Shutdown JCZ and restart, it lists CF2 below "BaseGame" checkbox as I'd expect (instead of Winter Edition). I select CF2 and deselect Base Game, but when I start the game nothing displays, and I can go to New Game or other menu options. Am I doing anything wrong, or is this an issue? No tile images are displayed when I select CF2 (or anything else, for that matter) under Tile Distribution. Version 4.3.2.

Anything Else / Christmas Greetings
« on: December 06, 2018, 08:38:17 AM »
Wishing everyone on the forum a very enjoyable festive period ... whenever, and in whichever format, it comes to you ... and the chance to play some games

Online Games and Competitions / Pairs
« on: July 13, 2018, 01:23:20 PM »
Following on from the report by Decar of the Team competition in Germany last week, has there ever been an online pairs competition?

I'm thinking of two players in each team, but playing individually, in a 4-player online game (maybe harder to arrange?). The combined score takes the win, which might even be from those in 2nd and 3rd, or 1st and 4th, depending on individual scores. Each pair plays against every other pair.

Or like the Davis Cup in tennis, where A1 plays B1 and A2 plays B2, then there's a 4-player (as above), followed by A1/B2 and A2/B1 if required. Straight knockout, or each team plays all the others, depending on numbers.

Maybe there are good reasons to avoid this idea? I'm not offering to run it, but just wondering ...

Quizzes, Puzzles and Challenges / Up On The Roof
« on: April 13, 2018, 07:04:33 AM »
So, what are these two doing? And who can identify the tile? The tile (and possibly others) occur in both Carc2 and Carc2.1 versions.

Reviews & Session Reports / Fan Expansion - Stained Glass
« on: January 02, 2018, 02:00:18 PM »
Had a look on both this site, and the archived site content, but can find nothing describing whether this is a workable expansion. Anyone tried it, before I go and print the tiles? Thanks.

The Marketplace / Standalone WoF on UK eBay - 2nd Jan 2018
« on: December 29, 2017, 10:59:26 AM »
If anyone is interested, I noticed last night that the charity, AirAmbulance, are selling a (used) standalone copy of Wheel of Fortune (Rio Grande Games) on UK eBay. Deadline is 2nd January 2018 at 20:10 UK time.

Other Games / Odin's Ravens
« on: November 23, 2017, 02:12:24 PM »
In local Waterstones's bookshop they have Odin's Ravens which I was wondering about as a stocking filler for "us". Pretty much same price as I've seen through Amazon. They carry the odd Pandemic box, plus about 20 versions of Monopoly, so was surprised to see something a little bit off mainstream or not aimed at kids. Anyone played it and have views whether it's worth taking a shot at. I've had a look at some runthroughs off YouTube and it seems quite straightforward. Definitely a light 2-player filler (20mins maybe).

Official Rules / Cloisters and Shrines
« on: July 09, 2016, 03:33:01 PM »
Scenario: An occupied shrine has one empty space in the surrounding 8 tiles, but that space is already surrounded by eight tiles. A player draws a Cloisters tile that fits into that space and plays a follower to the Cloisters, effectively completing both features?

Is a challenge initiated (and, if so, who wins?), or has the placing of the Cloisters "completed" the Shrine prior to the wood placement on the Cloisters? We assumed that each would score 9 as both features completed at the same time?

Reviews & Session Reports / Mega-ish Carcassonne II
« on: June 20, 2016, 02:58:26 PM »
MrsW suggested that we play a game at the weekend with all the CarcII tiles I have. That introduced her tsome tiles that we'd previously used as landscape, but not scored thematically - such as the Stone Circles and Woodcutters - it was a really interesting experiment to see how some of these expansions worked in a big game, or as with the Woodcutters, with all the tiles I've designed (but not yet released into the wild). So, 4 hours later 330 tiles were laid out across our large dining table, made up from :-

  • Base Set, I&C, B&T - don't own "Princess and Dragon" yet
  • The Coast + extra Coast + some first draft Coast tiles (~60 tiles)
  • The River + Fluvium + extra River tiles (~40 tiles)
  • Wells II + a few unreleased Wells tiles (20 tiles)
  • Stone Circles (9 tiles)
  • The Astronomers (8 tiles) based on CarcI version by Decar
  • Woodcutters (~70 tiles)
  • and a few extra City tiles

We regularly play with The Phantom to help pick up loose points.  Scores were around the 500 mark. MrsW got both Cathedral cities, while I seemed to get most of The Cloisters, Astronomers and Stone Circle tiles. We laid out the central sea first, then laid out all the river tiles, and only once we started using the regular tiles did we place followers. With only two of us we tend to keep out of each other's way - other than the odd blocking tile here or there making it more difficult to close a city. And with such a large starting layout, usually no need to get in on the other's action. I won by about 70 points.

The Stone Circles ended up on a couple of straight lines, but it was often frustrating when about to play a cloisters as the most obvious location was next to a Stone Circle, or vice versa. On a few occasions we just used the Astronomer tiles and the Stone Circles tiles to fill in the landscape (to help expand a field, or just fill a gap) and ignored the bonus points that would have come from the tile's theme!

The patches of woodland were quite difficult to close off unless they happened to already be surrounded by other tiles, and scoring them wasn't that easy, so I may try having the woods go to the edge of the tile (as with the Forests expansions for Carc I), but allowing them to be placed next to field edges, in a later release.

In the second game (ending around 02:30 - we just couldn't stop ourselves playing again - it's an addiction (which you all know already!)) I got both the Cathedrals but had trouble finishing one of the cities, so MrsW won by around 70 points - honours even! The end layout is below.

Need more tiles to fill the table ...

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