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Happy Easter! Here you are a tiny quiz. Hope you enjoy it.

Question: Red places the last tile of the game. The player has the following questions:
a) How many points does each player score in the last turn of the game?
b) How many points does each player score after the game ends?

* This question only uses normal meeples. No large meeples were used.
* We are considering the current rules for non-square tiles (C2/C3). If you use the C1 rules, please indicate so.

I contacted Cundco about the ghosts, abbots and spell circles, and I received the following clarifications on March 13th 2024...

Following Kettlefish's tradition...

Question in BLUE

Answer in GREEN

Still open in RED

My own comments in MAROON

I contacted Cundco about the Wonders of Humanity. I received the following clarification on March 8th 2024...

Following Kettlefish's tradition...

Question in BLUE

Answer in GREEN

Still open in RED

My own comments in MAROON

@NGC 54 came across this post on Reddit about removing an abbot with ghosts from Exp. 11 - Ghosts, Castles & Cemeteries.

This topic is not covered by the rules and HiG might clarify it eventually if we are lucky. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you the issue and see if we can decide a community rule for this case. The question on the table is:

How many points is a ghost added to an abbot worth when the abbot is removed from a monastery or a garden during the game?
a) 0 points, since the abbot removal is a figure scoring and ghosts should not affect it. Abbots only affect completed features during the game.
b) -1 point, since the abbot is scored as if the monastery or garden was scored at the end of the game.
c) -2 points, since the abbot is scored during the game, no matter whether the number of points considered is computed as if the feature with the abbot was scored after the game.

On top of this, I've been also trying to make the parallel case affecting acrobats from Exp. 10 - Under the Big Top. You could asign ghosts to an acrobat in a pyramid. What would happen when scoring the acrobat pyramid? Would the scoring of an acrobat with ghosts be affected? How would cases a) or c) apply to acrobats?

What do you think?

My current thoughts are the following for each case (spoiler alert - maybe you want to think about your take on all this before reading my current thoughts below):

a) 0 points (no effect - special case for abbots and acrobats): This was my initial thought for a brief period of time, but it seemed too easy for an abbot could shake off any ghost this way. I thought that if ghosts can remove an abbot, it should also affect its scoring. The same logic would apply to acrobats. The rules do not link the ghost penalty to the completion of a feature but to the participation of a meeple in a scoring.

b) -1 point (end-game penalty - special case for abbots only): This option seemed right from the standpoint of computing the points of the feature, but it didn't look right that an abbot scored during the game was less penalized than an acrobat (-1 point for abbots and -2 points for acobats didn't seem right). This seemed awkward. 

c) -2 points (during-the-game penalty - general case for abbots and acrobats): This option is my current favorite, since both abbots and acrobats should be penalized by ghosts the same way during the game. So even if the abbot scores the same points as its feature would score at the end of the game, this is just an example of how the points are computed, but doesn't force ghosts added to abbots to behave in a special way. All ghosts should be worth -2 points during the game. No matter what.

So, in the end. The general case as described in option c) seems right to me. But you may have different points of view, and a different line of thought. I would appreciate all your inputs. Thank you in advance.

General / MOVED: NOËL
« on: December 17, 2023, 12:06:37 PM »

Quizzes, Puzzles and Challenges / Carcassonne Central: Advent Quiz MMXXIII
« on: November 29, 2023, 11:17:24 AM »
Hi all,

For those unaware of what it is really going on, I will just break it for you: Christmas is coming!!! Again... So does Winter... at least in the Northern Hemisphere!

In preparation of the coming events, here at Carcassonne Central, a lot is happening behind the scenes once again. The Meeple Council is in session discussing whether wonder tiles should be counted as 1 tile or as 5 tiles for the dragon...

This is just a smoke screen, because the real agenda for today is...

The Advent Calendar Quiz MMXXIII

Stay tuned, because on December 1st Fate will be knocking at your door... Will you be there to open? What surprises will it bring?

Ready or not, the clock is ticking! Can you hear it?

News and Events / The Drawbridges - New mini coming soon
« on: October 25, 2023, 02:07:15 PM »
The Drawbridges will be release for the Advent Campaign, but some online stores are already listing it for 5.90€ and higher (pre-order only or course)

This mini-expansion contains a new type of tile, where the time of scoring is crucial. If the drawbridge is down, the meeple can move from the road to the city to score extra points.

How does the drawbidge position change? We don't know yet, if this actually happens.

Here you can find a couple of images...

Have fun!

News and Events / The Meepledrone Diaries - Essen or Bust 2023
« on: October 15, 2023, 11:27:41 AM »

Dear Meeple Diary,

This was the plan... Well, it wasn't formulated as it finally turned out, but all the pieces where ready for it...

Some sweet offerings, some promo tiles, some undisclosed expansions, a secret project and a long shopping list... What would be the right timing? How would things unfold in the end?. No idea...

The Pinkassonne secret project would be revealed to the gang upon arrival, but the person who knew everything about it wasn't arriving until Friday... Chaos could unravel... or maybe not.

And also, the secret plan under wraps. Ah yes! Willem should not suspect a thing... Hush! Hush! Keep calm... So many emotions to keep contained and an unexpected climax on Sunday... Plans within plans... Scheming and plotting for months...

Everything was arranged but the details weren't written in stone... yet.

Time to take off.


PS. Hope this year the Grinch doesn't remove any diary entries. He's become too picky and removed anything containing sensitive information such as prefererred expansions, expansion leaks or actual meeple heights. Hope that the Danisthirty meeple helps me keep him at bay this time.

News and Events / Carcassonne in Carcassonne - 09 & 10.09.2023
« on: September 10, 2023, 04:13:49 AM »
This weekend an event in Carcassonne is taking place. People like the idea of playing Carcassonne in Carcassonne and I don't know why!  ;D

Here you may find a summary of the activities.
* French (full info):
* Spanish (full info):
* English (short info):

Asmodee took advantage of the whole thing and celebrated the French Carcassonne National Championship. I would like to congratulate @Linksux for participating in it and reaching the second position. He fell in the finals against the national champion. We feel very proud in you!!!  :(y) :(y) :(y)

KJW and Marcel Gröber didn't show up, so no meet and greet or personal tiles this time. But HiG put in place a nice treasure hunt that is keeping everyone busy. You have to go to different points in the old city searching for activities representing different ages related to Wonders of Humanity... If you succeed in various challenges, you will get the associated wonder tile and a stickers your event "passport". The back of wonder tiles feature the pieces of a map, that you can assemble and guide through your quest, since it represents the city od Carcassonne. Once you have all the four wonder tiles, you may face the final challenge and get a precious prize: a bag full of Carcassonne coins...

I couldn't be there but had a lot of feedback from people on the ground. So I share what I got... starting with pictures of the wonder tiles in the order you collect them and how the back of the pieces form a map of Carcassonn step by step.

Thank you all for your help!!!  ;D

Quizzes, Puzzles and Challenges / Sunday Basics Quiz 2023
« on: September 03, 2023, 02:33:33 AM »
Dear all!

After finishing the Sunday Quiz 2022 series about combining expansions, I would like to go back to basics and address some issues you may find in a game with and without expansions...

Let me know if you want to explore some special cases...


News and Events / HiG's website is back
« on: August 02, 2023, 09:33:22 AM »
Yes! Believe it or not, you can now visit HiG. Finally is live!

Just saw a post on Instagram and ran to see it with my very eyes. It seems the navigation in English is not perfect... But who cares!

We have another website now to browse and check daily for news....

:black1-meeple: :blue-meeple: :green-meeple: :red-meeple: :gray-meeple: :violet-meeple: :pink-meeple: :orange-meeple: :white-meeple: :brown-meeple: :neutral-meeple: :yellow-meeple:

News and Events / New releases on April 28th
« on: April 14, 2023, 12:00:10 PM »
Ecently HiG has been providing some sneak peaks of their work in progress and new releases on Facebook and Instagram:
* Transparent and Frozen guard meeples (no news about wooden ones in other colors)
* Transparent ghosts
* An expansion about "wonders of the world" with Tetris-like mega tiles
* A possible expnsion for Mists over Carcassonne
* An insert for the base game box that serves as a vertical starting setup

And today they announced a Carcassonne Maps - Nordics... The first with C3 printed tiles and font from HiG.

The meeples, ghosts and the Map will be available on Cundco on April 28th.... We don't know about the rest... Fingers crossed. ^-^

EDIT: Updated list

News and Events / Exp. 12 - Crops, Mills & Weather coming up!
« on: April 01, 2023, 01:18:44 AM »
It seems HiG is overlading up with their sneak peeks...

The description says:

Machen Sie sich bereit, Ihr Carcassonne-Spiel mit der aufregenden neuen Erweiterung "Felder, Mühlen und Wetter" auf die nächste Stufe zu bringen! Mit dieser Erweiterung haben Sie noch mehr Möglichkeiten, Ihr Territorium strategisch zu erweitern und Ihre Gegner zu übertreffen.

Pflanzen Sie Feldfrüchte an, bauen Sie Mühlen und nutzen Sie das Wetter zu Ihrem Vorteil, um wertvolle Ressourcen und Punkte zu sammeln. Aber Vorsicht vor Überschwemmungen und Dürren, denn das Wetter kann auch gegen Sie arbeiten!

Mit neuen Kacheln, neuen Mechaniken und neuen Herausforderungen fügt "Felder, Mühlen und Wetter" eine erfrischende Schicht an Komplexität zum klassischen Carcassonne-Spiel hinzu, die Fans lieben werden. Also schnappen Sie sich Ihre Freunde und Familie und machen Sie sich bereit für eine neue Ebene des Carcassonne-Spaßes!

Or in English:

Get ready to take your Carcassonne gameplay to the next level with the exciting new expansion, Crops, Mills & Weather! With this expansion, you'll have even more ways to strategically grow your territory and outsmart your opponents.

Plant crops, build mills, and use the weather to your advantage to gain valuable resources and points. But watch out for floods and droughts, as the weather can also work against you!

With new tiles, new mechanics, and new challenges, Crops, Mills & Weather adds a refreshing layer of complexity to the classic Carcassonne game that fans will love. So gather your friends and family, and get ready for a new level of Carcassonne fun!

It is listed but not in stock. Can't wait!!!

What do you think?

I contacted Cundco about the fairy, acrobats, messages and gifts (and even the ringmaster). I received the following clarification on March 10th 2023...

Following Kettlefish's tradition...

Question in BLUE

Answer in GREEN

Still open in RED

My own comments in MAROON

@Drodo contacted Cundco about Water Holes in Safari and received the following clarification on February 10th 2023..

Following Kettlefish's tradition...

Question in BLUE

Answer in GREEN

Still open in RED

My own comments in MAROON

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