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Official Rules / Question about Bogatyr tile (Russian Promo)
« on: July 11, 2020, 09:28:14 AM »
Another russian question, this time about Choice of Bogatyr: Is the choice of Bogatyr (the stone tablet terminating the road) considered a special feature? By extension, can a wagon drive through it? It doesn't have any effect on its own, nor can it be claimed, but it has a name and it blocks the road.
This is another question I need answered for my secret project ( 8)) and haven't seen an answer to anywher else.

Feel free to make this a separate topic if needed.

The Marketplace / Want to have a laugh ?
« on: June 25, 2020, 04:33:59 PM »
Searching through the internet, I have found this obvious scam regarding Carcassonne "rarities" :o. Here is the  link:
The description is absolutelly hilarious, when you compare it to the photos provided  ;D

Highlights include hyperbolic claims such as collection so "massive" that it "would be easier to list what is not included", or collection worth over "1000 USD".
Seller also talks about certain items being still in shrink wrap, but the only things that are wrapped are those which he/she shrinkwrapped himself/herself, such as the School and the attempts at The King and The Cult minis, which are really just cut out from the Exp. 6 Count, King and Robber  to look like their more rare counterparts (you can clearly see the crown watermark on photos).

The whole thing is incredibly pathetic and hilariously obvious scam for anyone that knows their Carcassonne, but I do wonder if some casual person who just got into the hobby would fall for this ? ???
Just try to count all the lies !

General / The most aggressive version of Carcassonne
« on: April 22, 2020, 11:56:04 AM »
I was contemplating some vicious thoughts... what is the most aggressive, unforgiving, annoying, militant combination of expansion one can mix together and unleash the mayhem   :red-meeple:>:D >:D >:D :red-meeple: ?? Something that would only emerge, when a group of sadistic minds decides to have an all out war...
What I came up with is the following:
base game
Inns and cathedrals
Princess and dragon
The Plague
Flying machines
River II
Halflings II
Russian promos 2nd set
Crop Circles I
Count of Carcassonne
Cathars, Siege, Besiegers (yes all 3)

- and the most important ingredient of all...concentration! The ratio of aggressive tiles / all tiles must be very high in order to achieve maximum evil >:D

I am open to any suggestions. What would you add? What would you remove? Whatever comes out of this I will one day masochistically try to play!

EDIT 2: included suggestions

The Marketplace / What on earth ?!...
« on: April 20, 2020, 11:51:44 AM »
Now I know Die Kornkreise is one of the most pricey expansions, but this seems a little excessive... :o

General / Profile info update
« on: March 11, 2020, 11:20:01 AM »
I wanted to bring into attention the fact that most of the items from 2018 and 2019 are still not added to profile info... and it's 2020!
The missing items are:
Around the World 4: Safari
Spiel Doch mini expansion for Safari
Spiel' 19 tile
Maps: Germany, France, Great Britain, Benelux, Peninsula Iberica

Could someone who has means to do this, please update the profile info page?

I am looking for the second expansion Traders and builders - edition without watermarks. Condition of the tiles has to be without any visible wear (aka like new), condition of everything else is not important.

I am also looking  in stone gray version of the 50-point score track, either alone or with the rest of the base game. Again, very good condition of the track, no wear.

If anyone has these items and would be willing to sell, I am interested :)

General / For those who like to keep their rivers separate...
« on: January 25, 2020, 04:54:23 PM »
Normally you would separate different editions of the same expansion by their watermarks or lack there of. Sometimes however this isn't an option, such as in original River I and River II, which both lack watermarks. Now most of their tiles have different layouts but there are four that are completely the same.
So if you happen to be combining these two together for a game, does it mean you can never be sure if you returned those four tiles to their righful river sets ?
Luckily there is a sneaky differentiating factor that lets you separate the tiles with absolute certainty (one that doesn't involve minute differences in sharpness of the print)

The answer is backs. Tiles from different sets have different orientation of their layout in relation to the big C on their back.
If we orient the C right side up, as it would be written - then these are the tile edges starting from north using consolidated tile reference:

                                     River I    vs    River II
spring                                 fsff                ffsf
river turn                             ssff               fssf
river turn with road              ssrr               rssr
city with road and bridge      rscs               srsc

also                              River I    vs   GQ 11

river with two cities            cscs              scsc

There seems to be a 1 turn clock-wise shift between all of these...
I wonder if they did this intentionally for this exact purpose. Then again, I wonder if anybody cares besides me :P

General / Traders and Builders Dutch edition
« on: January 22, 2020, 03:48:46 PM »
Hello everyone,
I am considering a purchase and I would like to  verify: does 2003 Dutch edition of Traders and Builders have a watermark ? I am looking for a set without a watermark.
Any helpful responses are appreciated :white-meeple:

General / Carcassonne game notation system for tournament play
« on: July 27, 2019, 05:04:34 PM »
Recently a purchase of the first Carcassonne map (Germany), revisiting of wind rose expansion and a rather bizzare conversation with a fellow Carcassonne player about clasification of game components,  has spurred an idea in my mind. I know that chess, along with many abstracts and other games that are being played at tournament level, have a notation system to keep track of and document the progress of the game. So I wondered if something similar was possible in Carcassonne. It would have to be relatively simple when compared to other games with notation, but at the same time thorough enough so that each game could be replayed accurately.

This proposed notation system is intended for use in  1 vs 1  base game tournament play of Carcassonne:

The consolidated tile reference was an immidiate go to, when deciding on how to refer to individual tiles. Only two small additions are needed. Firstly to differentiate between redundant tile references, that being ccff and cfcf. Both come in two variations: Splitters and Joiners. Thhus they can be referenced as ccff-J vs ccff-S and cfcf-J vs cfcf-S respectively. Secondly, the presence of a pennant can be marked by simple + symbol such as cccf vs cccf+.The fact that in  consolidated tile reference, one of the four tile sides is alphabeticaly designated as a starting point of further description (a striking resemblence to alicyclic hydrocarbons nomenclature btw >:D) is also useful, because this side can serve as a descriptor of tile orientation.

In tournament play there are two players: A (starter) and B (opponent), so notation of player's turn should begin with A:  or  B:

Next we need to determine placement of the tile, its orientation and identity. For this I was inspired by Carcassonne map, to create a simple abstract grid with x and y coordinates in square brackets: [x;y]. This grid is determined by starting tile (crfr), with x-axis running from west to east, and y-axis running from south to north, from player A (starter's) perspective. So position of starting tile would be [0;0], a tile placed to the immidiate north of the starting tile [0;+1], to the west [-1;0], etc.
An example in the first attachment - red dot marks the recently placed tile. That tile was placed at that position by player B (white) B:[-1;+2].
For marking the orientation we can determine four cardinal points North, East, South, West (windrose inspiration) with north always pointing from player A (starter) to player B (opponent).
Orientation of the tile side that is first in consolidated tile reference is marked with a descriptor. For example: The starting tile is in orientation [0;0]N:crfr which means the city segment is facing north. Player A draws the very first tile and it is the cfff tile. He/She places it and completes a 4 point city. That move would be marked as: A:[0;+1]S:cfff. Likewise in attachment 2, the tile placed  would be marked as: A:[+2;+2]E:ffrr. In case of bilaterally or radially simetrical tiles either side can be used to mark orientation, but perhaps North and West should be defaults for the sake of consistency.
Another thing that  needs to be adressed is meeple placement. If it was placed then notation of tile placement and orientation should be followed
 by > symbol and then combination of meeple type and orientation of its fature. Knight, Robber, Monk, Farmer. Knowing the meeple type automatically provides information about the type of feature it occupies. This is done in this way purely to avoid confusion due to Cloisters and Cities having the same first letter. Orientation descriptor goes before meeple type and marks on which tile side the feature segment is. Example: again first tile drawn is cfff and player A places a meeple in the completed city: A:[0,+1]S:cfff>S:Ksometimes combinations of cardinal directions will be needed such as farmers on rrrr tile: NE:F.
Finaly, any scoring of points is marked with =+n with additional +n for every scored feature. Also, every +n must be followed by the player who scored it. To finish the small city example, complete notation would be: A:[0,+1]S:cfff>S:K=+4A
Following the established rules, I was able to make a notation of a certain game from world finals. Here is an  excerpt from the beginning:

When making this notation I came along  a need for a minor adjustment.One cannot tell the placment of farmer on ccrr tile because both field segments can have only the exact same descriptions. In this specific case I would suggest instead of using cardinal directions, write following descriptors: cf: for city-field and rf: for road-field. For example: B:[-1;+4]E:ccrr+>cf:F

This topic is getting way too long  so I am goin to end it here. If anyone has any questions regarding this  notation system I am happy to answer. Also I would like to know what the community thinks about it and if anyone has ever tried something similar. I could also provide full notation of the said tournament final.

Official Rules / Two questions C I
« on: July 18, 2018, 03:33:31 AM »
1. When placing a tile with tower foundation which completes a feature(e.g. small city), can I place a tower block and capture the opponents follower before he/she scores any points ? I would guess yes because tower blocks are placed in move the wood phase, which takes place before identification and scoring of completed features, correct ?

2. Do castles from exp.8 connect the fields even if the 2 tile city underneath would otherwise separate them ? For example if it is touching two other cities with its edges. Once again I would guess yes, as the castle token is clearly depicted with a farm surrounding it.

Edit: Well I actually found the answer to question number 2, but it just seems illogical to me using the same argument.

Official Rules / Quick flying machines question
« on: May 31, 2018, 04:18:34 AM »
The rules say you cannot fly into feature that you completed with a flyer tile you just placed. Why ? You check for completed features after you move the wood. What difference does it make when you could in fact just place your follower into that recently completed feature ? It seems illogical and contradictory to me >:(

General / Pink and purple followers
« on: October 25, 2014, 10:30:18 AM »
Are the followers from Big box 5 the same purple and pink color as cundco ones or are these a little bit different ? ??? Does anybody know please ?

General / Spielbox issue 5 2014
« on: October 19, 2014, 04:17:07 AM »
I just wanted to ask if anybody knows what is the release date of issue 5/2014. And also when will I get it if I preordered it. This is the first time I have preordered Spielbox so I have no  experience with it...

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