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Unofficial Rules / I am a little painter
« on: August 30, 2021, 03:47:47 AM »
Little painter extension:
The dream of a young painter is to paint the landscape painting he wants.
Six sheets of clear crayon acrylic
A marker
game rules:
When the player draws an acrylic plate, the player can draw castles, roads, and hills that match the placed plates.
If other functions such as castles, roads, monasteries, etc. are completed due to the placement of acrylic plates that have been drawn, scores will be immediately scored.
1. Mi Bao cannot be placed
2. Can not be placed on the top of the section that already has your own or other people's Mibao
3. Do not extend the road to the four corners
4. It is not allowed to paint functional or value-added buildings such as monasteries

I bought it too.

According to the speculation that the current order number 62928-62997, it is estimated that 138 copies of Gingerbread Man have been sold.

This is definitely not a joke. It is normal to sell at a higher price.
Even if he brushes the new version of Gingerbread Man on the new version.
As long as there is no stock of the old version of Gingerbread Man Promo, the price will continue to rise.
Why do you want HiG to run out of stock? >:D

As I commented on another thread, the LebD tile could be ordered as a spare tile... just in case you cannot live with the expansion misprinted version with 2 LebC tiles...

The sooner they run out the sooner we can sell ours at a premium again (Totally kidding ;D)! Just want to spread the love. I know of a few people have been trying to track it down. I ordered two myself to tuck away. You never know when the kids might spill their hot chocolate and need a replacement tile!

He did not say that it was the wrong version. Even if it is the wrong version, I think it's okay. Because repeated sections are also good sections.
And now they have limited it to 2 per customer.

Do note this is the misprint version, with 2 identical tiles in it. Doesn't make a difference in gameplay, bit still good to know for people

I bought 4 gingerbread men. so happy. Unexpectedly, it will appear again.
It should be sold out soon.

Unofficial Rules / Re: Natural disaster volcanic eruption
« on: May 11, 2021, 06:29:51 AM »
Thank you for watching my rules.

Thanks for the translation!  :(y) :(y)

I'll have a look.

Unofficial Rules / Re: Natural disaster volcanic eruption
« on: May 10, 2021, 01:51:40 PM »
I have retranslated the English version. I use google translation may not be smooth enough. But I have an introduction with pictures. Please tell me if you have any questions or suggestions.
Welcome to repost or share. Thank you
I have other rules that I have created, but they have not yet been translated.

Hi jacky1st2016,

Welcome to the forum.

Could you elaborate more on the rules... I couldn't make much of the Chinese text in the document with an automatic translator.  ;)


Unofficial Rules / Re: Natural disaster volcanic eruption
« on: May 10, 2021, 01:09:17 PM »
Carcassonne: natural disaster-volcanic eruption
5 volcanic plates (Source: Kakasong third expansion Fire Dragon and Princess)
Additional rules:
1. Natural disaster (destruction) effect
2. The hilly effect of sheep
When the volcanic plate in the expansion of the fire dragon is surrounded by the surrounding eight pieces, immediately turn the eight pieces except the volcano to the back and the MEEPLE that is already on the plate and rush home immediately (including the eighth plate, even if a certain castle is completed) No points can be scored in the road monastery, and the eighth film activates the natural disaster (destruction) effect. The current player cannot place MEEPLE to be forced to turn over).

The eight back plates around the volcanic plate are regarded as blank and will be repositioned above the back plate (with sheep expanding the hill effect). If the volcanic plate is surrounded by another eight plates, the natural disaster effect will occur again, and all eight plates will be turned over again. Face to back C plate. The natural disaster (destruction) effect is permanent.

Variation rules: volcanoes have a chain effect, as long as the first volcano block completes encirclement to produce a volcanic eruption. As long as there is a second volcanic section in the surrounding eight sections (whether surrounded or not), it will have a chain effect (a volcanic eruption at the same time).

1. Is it possible for forts and bridges to be moved out of the field to return to the player's supply area?
Ans: No, fortresses and bridges are one-off functions. After use, it is removed and placed back in the box. No longer being used.

2. The effect of volcanic hills. How does the number of rice treasures compare with the number of rice treasures placed on the third floor?
Ans: For example, the road has the same number of Mibaos, and the red players on the third layer are more dominant than the green players on the second layer. Even if the two Mibaos on the other side are both on the second layer, the players on the third layer are still Get points. First compare the number of rice treasures, and then compare the terrain.
3.Is it possible that the starting blocks such as the Wheel of Fortune will be reversed?
Ans: As long as the starting section will not be reversed (including the basic starting section, river 1&2, school, wind rose, wheel of fortune, earl city, Leipzig market, etc.), but the rest of the general sections must be reversed.
4: Assuming that two volcanoes are adjacent to each other, will one of the volcanoes erupt, will it have a knock-on effect?
Ans: Yes. The volcanic plate itself will not be turned over, but it will cause a chain reaction of another volcano, causing the surrounding plates of the two volcanoes to turn over.

5. When the goods on the castle are completed for the second time, will they get the goods (wine, wheat, cloth) with piggy expansion again?
Ans: No. Only available when it is completed the first time. Because the goods are limited.
So when you first play, as long as there are goods on the board, you must take the corresponding goods and place them on the board. As long as the board is taken away, it means that the goods reward will not appear.

Rule advantages:
1. Reduce the section to occupy the desktop
2. Has a hill effect
3. Cut terrain or transform new terrain, more fun
4. Score more or hinder the opponent from completing the project
5. Take 5 tiles directly from the third expansion Fire Dragon and Princess take the volcano.

Unofficial Rules / Natural disaster volcanic eruption
« on: May 03, 2021, 09:10:52 PM »
In the third expansion (fire dragon and princess), take out 5 sections (volcano) to use the variant rules.
Rule advantages:
1. Reduce the section to occupy the desktop
2. Has a hill effect
3. Cut terrain or transform new terrain, more fun
4. Score more or hinder the opponent from completing the project
5. There is no need for self-control to take the volcano plate directly from the fire dragon expansion.
If you are unclear or have questions, you can write to me.

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