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Unofficial Rules / I am a little painter
« on: August 30, 2021, 03:47:47 AM »
Little painter extension:
The dream of a young painter is to paint the landscape painting he wants.
Six sheets of clear crayon acrylic
A marker
game rules:
When the player draws an acrylic plate, the player can draw castles, roads, and hills that match the placed plates.
If other functions such as castles, roads, monasteries, etc. are completed due to the placement of acrylic plates that have been drawn, scores will be immediately scored.
1. Mi Bao cannot be placed
2. Can not be placed on the top of the section that already has your own or other people's Mibao
3. Do not extend the road to the four corners
4. It is not allowed to paint functional or value-added buildings such as monasteries

Unofficial Rules / Natural disaster volcanic eruption
« on: May 03, 2021, 09:10:52 PM »
In the third expansion (fire dragon and princess), take out 5 sections (volcano) to use the variant rules.
Rule advantages:
1. Reduce the section to occupy the desktop
2. Has a hill effect
3. Cut terrain or transform new terrain, more fun
4. Score more or hinder the opponent from completing the project
5. There is no need for self-control to take the volcano plate directly from the fire dragon expansion.
If you are unclear or have questions, you can write to me.

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