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Sunday Quiz 2022

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Question #30: The game is over. How many points will each player score?

What about answering all these Sunday Questions?

Today is a great Sunday as any other to start doing so...

Bear with me... Your comments are most welcome!

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--- Quote from: Meepledrone on April 24, 2022, 03:31:54 AM ---Question #01: Red has two meeples left in their supply and these two gifts cards. If Red draws and places this tile, the player has the following questions:

a) Is it possible for Red to take over the city?
b.1) If possible, what sequence should Red follow?
b.2) If not possible, what sequence should Red follow to score some points for the city at least?
c) How many points would each player score?

--- End quote ---

Answer #01: Yellow has the majority in the city but Red wants to close the city and score points for it.

Red can take over the city by adding meeples to it. In order to do so, Red should open a Change Position gift as soon as the tile is drawn and move the Red Farmer from the field into the city. At this point, Red would share the city with Yellow when completed.

Since Red has two meeples in their supply, when Red places the tile, he should activate the Add Meeple symbol and add a second meeple to the city next to the farmer turned into a knight.

The completed city is worth 12 points ( (5 tiles + 1 coat of arms) x 2 points = 6 x 12 points )

* The Add Meeple action has no limitation if the target meeple is in a feature completed by the tile placement. The Place Meeple action in the 20th Anniversary Expansion has this limitation however, following the lead of magic portals: the Place Meeple action can only add a meeple to an uncompleted, unoccupied feature. The Add Meeple action does not require the meeple is added to an uncompleted feature when the tile is placed.

So the answer to the questions is as follows:
a) Yes, Red can take over the city.
b.1) The sequence to take over the city is:
   1) Open a Change Position gift to move the Red Meeple from the field to the city
   2) Add a Red Meeple form the supply next to the meeple just placed in the city by activating the Add Meeple symbol.
b.2) N/A
c) Red scores 12 points for the city. Yellow scores no points after losing the majority.

oh dear, all the question were during my summersleep.... now I have to catch up .....  ;D

30 Questions.....  :o .... amazing work again, Meepledrone! Thank you!!

I'm just posting the answers...  Are you going to try them all? ;D


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