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Saboteur: Das Duell (Schnupperspiel) English Rules
« on: October 09, 2018, 01:53:10 AM »
As one of the other promos included in Spiel DOCH! Winter 2018, a copy of Saboteur: The Duel (Trial Edition) was included. These are a close approximation of the rules, as mostly translated using Google Translate. Feel free to make recommendations regarding the translation if something is not clear. I have not yet played this game nor ever played Saboteur or Saboteur: The Duel.

By Frederic Moyersoen with illustrations by Andrea Boekhoff

Players: 2 People
Age: 8 or older
Duration: Approximately 10 minutes
Components: 31 game tiles, 3 dwarf markers, 2 keys
Goal: The player who has found the most gold in the end wins!

[The original game has 74 tiles – with trolls, ladders, and much more gold – can be found in game stores.]

Game Preparation
One player receives the green dwarf tile and the other player the blue dwarf tile.

The three target cards (red-brown back) are mixed face down and placed on the table together with the two starting cards (ladders) as shown in the picture.

All path and action cards are shuffled. Each player gets face down five cards on the hand. The cards are prepared as a hidden draw pile. In addition to the draw pile, a discard pile will be needed during the game.

The dwarf tokens and keys are laid out.

The younger player starts, then it continues alternately. In their turn, the player performs one of the following actions:
  • a. Play a route map
  • b. Play an action card
  • c. Discard two cards and remove a sabotage card
  • d. Pass and discard a card
After the action, the player must draw one card from the draw pile into their hand.

Attention: If the draw pile is used up, it is no longer necessary to draw.

a. Play a map tile
With these cards, a path is created between the starting tile and the target tiles. A new map tile must be placed beside an existing route card or a start card. All map tiles on all sides have to fit exactly to each other and the maps tiles must not be laid in a different direction (see picture).

Attention: Newly laid out map tiles must always have an uninterrupted connection to their own start tile at the moment it is placed.

Destination Tiles
If a player creates a connection from one of the starting cards to a hidden target tile, they turn over this target tile and place it at this place appropriate to the adjacent map tiles.

Attention: It may happen that a target tile is uncovered so that it does not fit between the existing map tiles. Only in this case may the target tile be placed incorrectly.

Map tiles with doors
Doors represent blockages. A path with a blue or green door may only be used by the dwarf of the corresponding color. A door will only be passable to the other dwarf if they have used a key to open it (see "Play an Action Card").

Secure Gold
If a player makes an uninterrupted connection from their starting tile to gold on a target tile, they take a dwarf marker from the supply and place it face-up on the gold.

Attention: If a player with a map tile does not connect to their starting tile but instead to that of their teammate, then that player immediately places a marker on the gold.

b. Play an Action Card
A sabotage card (red icon) is placed in front of the other player. As long as the card is there in front of them, they cannot play a route card, they may only play one action card, discard two cards, or pass.

Each player must have only one sabotage card in front of each player.

With a repair card (green icon), a player can remove a sabotage card in front of them and show the same icon. Both cards are then placed on the discard pile.

The treasure tiles allow the player playing them to look at one of the face-down target tiles. They then place the target tile face down in its place. The treasure tile is placed on the discard pile.

With the key card, a player can open a door of the opposing colour. They take a key and place it on the affected door. This is passable to the end of the game for the player. The key card is placed on the discard pile.

Attention: By playing a key card, the player can reach gold on a target card that has not yet been occupied by a dwarf. In this case, the player picks up a dwarf marker and places it face up on the gold.

c. Discard Two Cards and Remove a Sabotage Card
Dropping any two cards on the discard pile allows a player to remove any sabotage card in front of them. The player also draws only one card in this case. They, therefore, play for the rest of the game with one less hand card.

d. Pass and Discard a Card
If a player cannot or does not want to play a card, they must pass. They put a card from their hand facedown on the discard pile.

Game End
The game ends when...
  • ...all three target tiles are revealed and all three dwarf tokens are used
  • ...the draw pile is used up and both players have no more cards left.
The player who has more gold with their dwarf marker wins. If there is a tie, another game is played immediately.


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Re: Saboteur: Das Duell (Schnupperspiel) English Rules
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2018, 07:57:09 AM »
The full game is already available in English - I saw a copy in Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago:
The base game rules are here, so may be worth comparing some phrases

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Re: Saboteur: Das Duell (Schnupperspiel) English Rules
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2018, 06:02:13 AM »
For what I can remember from the Dutch rules, from the base game. It should be correct. Although I like the normal version of Saboteur more.  ^-^
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