Author Topic: Request: Rule Translation of Die Bibliotheken (CarcF expansion)  (Read 3620 times)

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I have been unable to find English translations of a seemingly popular CarcF fan-expansion, PresetM's "Die Bibliotheken" (Libraries). Google Translate fails me here.

Would anyone be able to help me understand how this fan-expansion works, or point me to an existing translation? Thank you!

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Re: Request: Rule Translation of Die Bibliotheken (CarcF expansion)
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2017, 03:00:50 PM »
Hi stalcupojoy,

I've had a go with GoogleTranslate  (as I too was interested in this expansion) and think I've extracted the pertinent points. Please refer to the original rules for the example tile layouts. There were a couple of sections that I was unclear about.

If anyone can clarify any mis-translations, please let me know and I'll update the translation. In time I might add the images - I don't have access to a graphics editor at present.

The Libraries

A fan extension by Hans-Dietrich Pester (PresetM) of the Carcassonne forum.
Once a library was established in Carcassonne, which was popular amongst the population, similar projects were an aspiration in all the major cities in the region. Libraries are founded to provide books for those in individual city areas and also to smaller places in the surrounding area, provided that there is transport via the road network to these settlements. With a lot of diligence the citizens are going to expand the appropriate road connections.

  • 2 new start tiles (1 tile shows a large monument, which is of a highly esteemed person in Carcassonne, and was raised on the occasion of his 50th birthday; on the second starting tile you will find a library and a smaller monument)
  • 9 new tiles on which there is a library
  • 10 new landscape tiles with a book icon on a street
  • 11 new landscape tiles with a book icon on a city
  • 21 (trade) tokens with a book symbol

All new landscape tiles have an opened book watermark to identify this expansion.
Since this expansion uses trade tokens, it is a good idea to play with the official expansion "Trader & Builder". It is only then that the exchange of tokens is meaningful (see below under "1. Place Landscape Tiles"). Furthermore, it makes sense to play "The Libraries" together with other fan expansions which also contain tokens [See Note 1].

The normal start card is laid in the middle of the table. To the right of this, the starting card with the monument is given its place and on the right is the starting card with the library [See Note 2]. The remaining 30 new landscape tiles (excluding the start cards) are mixed with the normal landscape tiles and stacked on the edge of the table (or put into a bag).

[Normal Start Tile][Monument Tile][City Tile with Library and small Monument] (The figure shows the layout of the three starting cards. There are three options for the creation of cities, three for roads and two for fields. Alternatively, the starting cards may be used in another (rule-compliant) combination, but the cities must be kept separate.)

1. Place Landscape Tiles

The landscape tiles are placed according to the usual rules. If tiles from this expansion are drawn, but cannot be placed, they are (in deviation from the basic rule) "to interfere with the supply" (?) (mixed back into the stack?) and the player draws a new tile.

[Monument Tile][Open T Junction with Village and Well][Open T-junction with Village] (Each of the three tiles shown have only one road section. In order to complete this road, the ends of all routes must be terminated.)

The landscape tiles with the libraries and with a book icon are to be placed according to the following rules:
  • If the player has drawn a landscape tile with a library, it is advisable to place it in a city without a library or to found a new city as this will get the bonus for building the library (see "3. Scoring during the game"). The player may also place the library in a city that already has one or more libraries, but in this case he does not receive the bonus.
  • If the player has drawn a landscape tile with a book icon on a city, it is recommended that it is placed in a city where a library already exists. In this case, the player receives 1 book-token. If there is no library, no book token is received.
  • If the player draws a landscape tile with a book icon on a road, it is recommended that it is placed so that it links to a city with at least one library [See Note 3]. In this case, the player receives 1 book token. If there is no city with a Library connected by road to the placed tile, no token is received.

[2 city tiles with crossings] (In the landscape maps to the left, please note that the book token symbol is located in the city below the bridge, and consequently the city and the bridge must be attached to the city with the library in order to receive the book token.)

Please note that the receipt of the token is bound to the specific tile. If the player cannot fulfill the conditions, he does not receive the token, even if a connection to a library occurs later in the game by laying additional landscape tiles. The player who gets a book token may, immediately, exchange it for a token of his choice owned by another player [See Note 4]. The affected player must not refuse the exchange. This exchange is only possible immediately after the tile has been laid and the book token has been collected.


The followers are placed as usual. No follower can be placed on the library itself.

3. Scoring during the game

The player who places a library tile will immediately get 3 points as the founder of the library, but only if this is the first library in this city. A second, or subsequent, library in a city will not score any points. The scoring of a completed city is as usual, but there is no additional scoring for a Library (such as the 3 points (instead of 2) per tile for a city which has a Cathedral).

The player who completes the road on the starting tile with the large monument will receive 3 bonus points in addition to the road score, since the monument is now easily accessible.

4. Scoring at the end of the game

Final scoring of roads and cities are made as usual. Again, the presence of a Library, or the Monument, scores no additional points.

The player with most of the book tokens receives 10 points. In the case of a tie, as usual, all parties receive the full 10 points.

Advanced Libraries variant

In contrast to the above-mentioned rules, it is also possible to play "The Libraries" in a strategically, more challenging, variant (and more closely related to the way in which the Trade Tokens from "Trader & Builder" are handled). The following rules apply:
1. Placing the landscape tile

Unlike the placement rules above, city tiles with a book symbol cannot be placed in a city with a library. Likewise, the landscape tiles that have the book symbol on a road should be placed so that there is no connection to any city with a library. It is an object of this variant to make these connections in the course of the game. The player who subsequently manages to connect a landscape tile with a book symbol to a city with a library will receive 1 book token. If he connects several landscape cards with a book symbol to a Library at the same time on his turn, he receives 1 book token for each connected district or village. Cities without a library, but containing one or more tiles with a book symbol, can also be linked to a library via the road network (see example below). It is to be noted that for each landscape tile with a book symbol, only 1 book token is available during the course of the game, so multiple scoring from the same tile is not possible - it may be an idea to place a book token on the tile when it is placed to avoid confusion. The token always goes to the player who first connects a landscape tile with a book symbol. An example is intended to illustrate all these possibilities:

(Player A has just placed the red tile at the bottom left. The city section on this map connects to a city that already has a library. At the same time, however, the tile adjacent (to the right) to the placed tile is now also connected to the library along the road, and player A receives 1 book token. In addition, the city tile in the lower right-hand corner, which is also on the same road, is also connected to the library and player A receives a second book token.

If Player B were to put a landscape map with a library in the gap in the upper right which connects the city section with the tile at bottom right, he would not get a book as the book tokens have already been distributed. However, he would (probably) get the 3 points for laying the library tile.)

2. Placing a Follower

The follower is placed as usual. Again, no follower can be placed on the library.
3 Scoring during the game

The scoring is identical to those above.


[1] These enhancements include, for example, the following expansions found at Carcassonne Central: "Timber!" (Scott & Novelty), Fruit Traders (Jonathan Wu) and  "The Gold Diggers" ("Goldmines", Scott & Novelty).
[2] If you play with other official expansions such as "The Count", "The School", "The Fate Wheel", "River 1" or "River 2" or with fan expansions like "Trade Roads" which have different start tile placements) it may be necessary to modify/adapt the rules of these expansions. For example, the two start cards of "The Libraries" may have to be placed differently from the rules above.
[3] It should be noted that a connection to the city with the library exists only if all roads are connected to one another according to the basic rules. If "The ferries" are in use the roads are connected to the city if the ferry is connected at the time the tile is placed.
[4] If the official expansion "Trader & Builder" is played, this can be a grain, cloth or wine token. Likewise, other trade tokens from fan expansions are possible, if such expansions are played. It is to be noted that this exchange rule exclusively refers to "tokens" (in the sense of "Trader & Builder"). Any other tokens, markers, or counting stones are excluded. Some of the fan expansions, which contain tokens, can be found in footnote 1.

1.3 Text corrections, final formatting (PresetM)
1.2 Editorial Rule Clarifications (kettlefish)
1.1 Rule additions, installation of the professional version (PresetM, Fritz_Spinne)
1.0 Corrections, change of the card numbers, simplification of rules (PresetM)
0.1 First rule release (PresetM)
PresetM would like to thank the following people for their work:
- Fritz_Spinne, Benny, Zotto and eurojo for their test games, comments and additions to the rules.
- Sabine and Robin for the first test of the expansion.
- Violet for the wonderfully fitting graphics of the monument and for his helpful comments on the first rule.
- maik63de (Maik) for the Carcassonne-Forum-Website, on which the German speaking CarcassonneCommunity meets and this extension can be downloaded.
- kettlefish (Marion), in conjunction with HiG, for the clarification of all the basic questions arising in the basic game and the extensions published by the publisher.
- PresetM (Hans-Dietrich) for the preparation of this rule sheet of the Carcassonne-Forum.
- kettlefish (Marion), Fritz_Spinne, Zotto, KlausiMausi, Ratz65 and maik63de (Maik) for their suggestions in the development of the rules as well as Goliath for the logo of the Carcassonne-Forum.
- Scott (Scott) for the idea and Joff (Jonathan Warren) for the implementation of the CarcC rulesheet, which served as a model and a stimulus for the Carcassonne Forum rules.
This extension has been produced online with the permission of Hans im Glück Verlags-GmbH and may not be used for commercial purposes.
Carcassonne, a game by K.-J. Wrede © Hans im Glück Verlags-GmbH, 2001-2015 Graphic design: Doris Matthäus
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Devt: Sakura (C2), WinterEdge (C1), WinterCoast (WD/WE) and others

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Re: Request: Rule Translation of Die Bibliotheken (CarcF expansion)
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2018, 09:12:12 AM »

Were can I found the tiles and token for this extension

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Re: Request: Rule Translation of Die Bibliotheken (CarcF expansion)
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2018, 01:58:24 AM »

Were can I found the tiles and token for this extension
This expansions is posted on the german forum. So a look at would help ;)
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Re: Request: Rule Translation of Die Bibliotheken (CarcF expansion)
« Reply #4 on: November 12, 2018, 05:36:36 AM »


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