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Tasnia tile builder game on Kickstarter

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Green Arrow:
I thought that other Carcassonne fans might be interested in a project I have backed on Kickstarter.
Tasnia is a game where you build medieval buildings using tiles that you pay for with resource cards so it has a bit of Carcassonne and a bit of Catan without the dice and a lot of originality of its own. The design looks great and there are a load of expansions which will get included if it reaches the right amount. Plus some nice add on Meeples! I have no connection with the project except that I have backed it because I think it looks exciting! I have backed a few of the designers other games and have been really impressed with the quality of production.

Here is the link if you want to check it out
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By the way because people have been increasing there pledges a bit there are a few spaces on Early bird offers opened up if people are quick enough!

Many thanks


First-off - Welcome to the CC Forum. Glad to have you on board...

And thank you for this post. You caught my attention and I pledged. This game looks interesting and I can see they can do much with expansions - special cards and building segment tiles, etc. I was the last one in at $30!

Green Arrow:
Thanks Carcking,  glad you got in on the Early Bird offer  :D . I am really looking forward to the game, not that I don't have a ton of Carcassonne expansions still to play!


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The whole point of Other Games is to share other games besides Carcassonne that we find enjoyable. Helping to back great Kickstarter projects is part of that.

Green Arrow:
Cool thanks Scot

Looks like enough  backers for the free expansion Dukes and Dames  fingers crossed we get enough for the gardener too!


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