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Official Rules / WikiCarpedia: Official Updates
« on: November 02, 2018, 02:26:30 AM »
Greetings from WICA team!
We have been working on WikiCarpedia for two months now, I decided it is good moment to post some update.
During those days we have been establishing many guidelines for WICA to be clear and consistent. We are in pretty constant communications on Slack channel. Supporting, advising and mocking each other.

Just a few notes:
  • English SAFARI rules are in place:
  • C1 part is finished in terms of rules, we are polishing it now and addressing references. You can find all official C1 expansions up to date. There are also rules for some C2 bits.
  • You can find cool timeline here:
  • We have finally found a solution to export whole (or part) of WICA to pdf, to create a document similar in nature to CAR. Expect some update about that once we finish C1 part.

As always we welcome any new editors/translators with open arms. Even you have no time for that, you can still help by simply using WICA and commenting with “Add comment” button that is on the bottom of each page. Also please spread the new among non-CarC friends.

Big thanks to Wolnic, Sinscerly, MeepleDrone and Decar for their participation and devotion to the project!

Any remarks are welcomed.

Official Rules / SAFARI - token gain and spending in same turn
« on: October 11, 2018, 12:59:30 PM »
It may be too soon to ask questions about SAFARI, but maybe someone knows answer from 1st ICM or has some contact do HiG to ask this question.

Can I spend animal token the same turn as I got it?

Little clarification.

I can get token in two ways.

1. By placing baobab and meeple on it (like cloister), I get two tokens in tile placing phase.
2. By finishing baobab (it is finished like cloister), I get two tokens on scoring phase.

The problem is that tokens are used to boost score in scoring phase.

So if with the same tile I finish baobab and one of my other features I do not know if I can use those new tiles. In turn summary scoring forest or path is before gaining token. BUT this is UNORDERED list of things that happen in scoring phase.

So what do you think? :)

Official Rules / Wind roses - may or must
« on: September 23, 2018, 08:51:45 AM »
Most of the expansions use words must or may. Wind roses does not.

Does player must put wind roses tile in appropriate section (consequently discarding if it is not possible) or is it an option (which is rewarded with 3 points)?

Official Rules / Some Cathars clarification
« on: September 15, 2018, 11:21:17 AM »
Could you help me with some questions regarding Cathars?

CAR, Cathars, footnote 347 and 348 on page 122
Should those two be treated together? the 347 by itself do not make much sense ( I mean it's second sentence). :

347  Only one knight can escape a besieged city per turn. It’s irrelevant whether the followers are
in the same city or different cities.
348  When there is a builder double-turn, a knight can be removed from a beseiged city in each
part of the double turn. (3/2015)

When you combine those two it makes more sense (348 sentence is in the middle of two 347 sentences):

Only one knight can escape a besieged city per turn. When there is a builder double-turn, a knight can be removed from a beseiged city in each part of the double turn. It’s irrelevant whether the followers are in the same city or different cities.

CAR, page 121 
If the city contains a cathedral, it scores only 2 points for every tile. Should the city remain incomplete at the end of the game, it scores no points during the final scoring.

The second sentence refers to only to city containing cathedral or every besieged city? I can see that the manual contains very similar sentence.

Official Rules / 21st century CAR
« on: September 01, 2018, 06:41:29 AM »
Hello fellow members,

I would like to share with you the project that I have been working on for past few weeks and already had some discussions with Decar. I would love to get your opinion on that (positive or not) and your participation in it.

Current form of CAR is problematic to say the least. It is difficult to work on it by more than one person. This is why I came up with an idea of creating a WIKI on engine used by Wikipedia (later on I discovered that there were already ideas like that on CC, but I have not seen anything really put into action).

What we get in the package?
- Multi user editing and versioning (duh). There is no more waiting for someone or some group of people to finish up to date version of CAR. Now everyone can create new page for latest expansion or correct errors. Well, by "everyone" I mean group of trustworthy people. I intend to allow editing only for authorized users. Recruited from carcassonne central or other forums.
- Mobile interface. Easy to find anything anywhere.
- "book creating". There is plugin  to create "a book" from a subset of pages. This way anytime we can create PDF similar to current CAR.
- I have installed plugin for translation. This way we can create universal source for kids from all around the world.

Until now I have mainly worked on technical background and installing necessary plugins. I do not fell confident writing about the rules themselves. I would prefer to stay a technical person, taking care of the plugin and taking care that everyone knows how to work on it and keeping everything consistent. While allowing more experienced people to fill the content.

I intend to set up one account per day starting tomorrow, so I am able to control resources and eventual bugs. So stand up if you are willing to participate. I hope for a people that are willing to fill the biggest chunk, which are main rules.

It is set up in a way that only logged in users can edit.

There are some pages filled up already (do not forget to check how cool they look on mobile):

If there are any errors there, do not hesitate to correct them.

I've put a draft of general guidelines that I thought of and answers to potential questions on a discussion tab of the main page:

If you have question regarding any particular page, there is discussion tab on each of them.

In case of any questions just ask. I am having German colleagues visiting Poland today, so I will not be available much for the rest of the day. I'll leave you be to think and comment on the idea.

Official Rules / village or crossroad
« on: July 25, 2018, 12:19:51 AM »
Have there been a discussion of you rules freaks about the issue described here? I have not found it with search engine.

The whole thing came back to me after watching this video. Look how the white sweater girl puts the road and scores three points. She is the one that claims is the most experienced among this group. Little later on the guy claims three point for another road that begins with the village next to the bridge.

I've done a little browsing along the rules back in January last year.

Reviews & Session Reports / Wroclove Mega Carcassonne vol. 1
« on: July 23, 2018, 01:53:52 AM »
Previous weekend I organised a little mega Carcassonne event. More as a training of facebook events. Unfortunately I have set up the time when game for third place in Russia took place, so we played with three players instead of expected 8.

I have used
2 x river
2 x base set
2 x trader & builders
2 x hills & ships
1 x princess and the dragon

around 280 tiles all together

First player ended up with 390, second 303 and I was last with 292. Notice that I have used custom scoring board printed on foamcore.

Dragon had no big impact on the game as all players were very careful with his movement. It did not affect any crucial areas.

Dragon entered a nice city once it was already empty. Sorry Kettlefish, I know how you like to feed the dragon.

I had a nice cooperation for above city with blue player. We were close to finish once he joined the meeple on the hill to this city (bottom right tile). At this point it was me or him. I have executed swift attack from the left flank. At one point there was only one tile missing, unfortunately blue player drew this nasty city tile with hole inside, Cutting off my smaller part of the city.

Blue player managed to finish this weird city. Of course last two tiles in one go, thanks to the builder. Smaller city to the left was also finished with last tile of the blue player.

My conclusion from this game is that in Mega Carcassonne most of the standard tactics do not work. Opponents easily overcome all my attempts on blocking with weird expansion tiles. The best strategy for mega Carcassonne is just "carpe diem". Just get as much points as possible without thinking much about other players. Getting into food fight usually mean that you just waste your tiles while your opponents race the score track one bite at a time.

With so many tiles there is plenty of attractive fields for everybody.

For sure I will organise something like that again, hope to collect 8 players next time.

end map

Reviews & Session Reports / Some interesting mix of expansions
« on: July 22, 2018, 11:09:03 AM »
Yesterday evening we had a game at my friends house who got Big Box as a present. From big box we choose I&C, T&B and ferries. We didn't expect that Markets of Leipzig, that i brought would boost this mix so much. That was 3 player game and I ended up with 259 points. Second player 228 and third 188.

Part of my score was one 69 point cathedral city. Those tend to develop quickly once you get your builder in. Last two tiles I put in one go, thanks to the builder. Don't you love those situations?

Getting back to the point of this post. One of the player put his meeple on market tile which gives one additional point per every road tile. Rest of us quickly followed as we saw how he started to race on the scoring track.

Thanks to Market one can get four point for short two tile road. Even a whooping 6 if there is Inn on the road. Add ferries to this equation and you can use single inn multiple times. This was the first time when I said "oh no, not another city tile, I want road!".

end map

It was just five nights but it was enough for two pigeons to set up a little love nest on my balcony and leave guano all over it. Anyway, during all the scrubbing I will think that this was totally worth it.

There was some of the hardest Carcassonne games I ever had and those taught me a lot.
I am sure that Decar will be putting some extensive report of the meeting so I would like to thank you all.

KJW - for the autographs and being there as a so warm and open person,
Moritz - for showing the insights of HiG's and boardgaming market,
Chris - for bringing the Safari and all the discussions about bg mechanics,
Jenny - for showing how lovely then word "lovely" can sound,
Decar - for being a great opponent, It was a pleasure to loose to you by 1 point.
Mr. Numbers - for showing me so many new games and inspiring mi to ignite the local community, luckily there is at least one game in which I can beat you.
Kettlefish - for carrying around all the rules and all the work you do so we have the correct manuals in our boxes.
Benny - for being my partner in tournament,
Maik - for the cigarette discussions
Martin and Gerti - for their contagious laughter,
HD - for setting up the great tournament

and above all

Anett and Udo for organizing this event and all the activities included

Ps. If you are ever in Breslau just let me know, I would me more than happy to accommodate you and show you around. This surely most beautiful city in Poland, with over one hundred bridges (only Venice and Amstardam have more!)

PPs, Sorry if I misspelled some of your names or did not use nick names. I do not know all of them  :)


General / New graphical theme
« on: May 26, 2018, 11:25:28 AM »

Official Rules / Little graphical elements in Carc 2.0
« on: March 10, 2018, 08:22:02 AM »
I played new graphics just few time on tournaments. I always  considered those little elements on tiles to be just an effect of over energetic graphic designer, since they have no reflection in base rules.

Not until today, when I noticed on tile reference sheet, that those have names and repeat on every other tile. Those are things like Bauernhof, Kuhsstall, Wasserturm, Wegelagerer etc.

Is there any official publisher statement on those? Will those be used in some expansions? Maybe they already are?

The Marketplace / Abbots looking for a home?
« on: March 10, 2018, 07:20:54 AM »
Anyone have some spare abbots?

I look just for red and blue to pimp my Carcassone for 2.

General / If I make my own tile reference, can I post it online?
« on: March 10, 2018, 05:28:51 AM »
After few days on this forum I have an impression that members of this forum are in quite close contact with Carcassonne publishers. What is current Z-man and/or HiG approach to tile references? I've been searching for them high and low and all of the links are down at this moment. Except this one:

and there is very firm statement at the bottom:

Diese Listen sind mit Genehmigung vom Hans-im-Glück-Verlag online gestellt und dürfen nicht für kommerzielle Zwecke verwendet werden!!!

So can I post my own tile reference online using tile pictures? Naturally for no commercial usage.

General / Curse of Carcassonne for 2
« on: March 02, 2018, 12:35:16 AM »
Did you get your copy already?

I think that it is somehow cursed. This is second copy that I have ordered this year and second that got lost in transport. And the latest copy was sent from Wroclaw, the city where I live, just opposite side of it.

General / Custom box graphics ideas
« on: February 24, 2018, 12:14:22 PM »
MB Print in Poland can create custom game material on demand, I just found out that they also make game boxes.

I think about creating some custom box. Big box size, because I have insert ready for it.
Any idea about graphics for it?
More classy?
More flashy?
Maybe functional, like scoring track on it or all expansions list with tick boxes? It would be easy to fit 200 points scoring track on such box cover.

Author of best idea wins my forever gratitude.


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