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Favorite Tile-Laying Games

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If your family love cats, then you can also consider Calico.

It plays like Cascadia.


--- Quote from: fbinstant on March 27, 2023, 09:35:46 PM ---If your family love cats, then you can also consider Calico.

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Oh, this looks interesting.  Thanks!  I like the multiple bonus tokens: wood bits are fun!  Several reviews on BGG suggest the game is subject to analysis paralysis, so maybe a variant could be useful.  It has 108 total tiles and each player has a hand of tiles, so maybe I can work out a double-sided tile variant with no hand of tiles?  That would reduce the total number of turns from 108 to 54--shorter is usually better for me.  (But 60 tiles would be the purrfect number, allowing 2-6 players to have the same number of turns).  Maybe also eliminate the boards and have only one double-sided objective card per player?  Then the quilt would be freeform?  Also, then a 2-player game could use 27 tiles per player instead of 22.  A 3-player game would have 18 tiles per quilt.  If you had a single pattern tile, you could make a large regular hexagon with 3 tiles per side for an extra bonus?!  Hmm...  Or maybe you can some how get everyone to build a single giant quilt!?

Or maybe just play the game as it is.   ::)

I was in a second-hand shop and found National Geographic’s Global Pursuits for $4.  It contains 48 pentagonal tiles, obtained from projecting 4 globes—each showing different information like geography, products, etc—onto dodecahedrons.  There are also trivia cards and some rules, but I just ignored all that and enjoyed flipping through the deck and watching the chatoic flat surface emerge:

If you cut this out and folded it up, you should get a dodecahedron that is 4 tiles thick everywhere!

It was trickier than I expected figuring out where to put the tiles.  I rearranged only a couple of tiles near the end—not sure if I had to or not, but I got stuck!

You could also try to build 4 separate complete maps.

Seems like it could be a great puzzle to share with kids.  Looks to be available cheap on eBay.

Vital Pluymers:


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