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Yo dudes.

With 2022 drawing to a close now I thought it might be interesting to see what games besides Carcassonne everyone has been playing this year. I'm especially interested to know what games (old and new) you've played for the first time and have enjoyed playing, and how you discovered them?

For me, Board Game Arena has been central to my discovery of new games as there's always so much to choose from that some of them are bound to stick! Thanks to some of my BGA friends who invited me to play with them, I've discovered four of my new favourite games: Cubirds (2018), Draftosaurus (2019), Happy City (2021),  and Next Station: London (2022). They're all very different games, and while nothing will ever steal the position of "top game" from Carcassonne, it's good to have a bit of variety every now and then.

More recently (within the last month or two) I've discovered a number of great 2-player games too. I have a long history of playing Bandido (2016) on BGA with @Halfling but since reaching more than 500 games between us we've both been keen to branch out a bit this year. Tranquility (2020) - and to a lesser extent Tranquility: The Ascent (2022) - was the first such game that we came to settle on as a strictly 2-player game, but we've since discovered Dragonheart (2010) and Lost Cities (1999) which are pretty much permanently on the go now as well.

How about you? What have you enjoyed playing (besides Carcassonne) this year?


I've managed to play several games other than Carcassonne this year, and some left a great impression!

Quacks of Quidlenburg was introduced to me during a meetup with @danisthirty , @Decar , @Rich_The_Fish and @unclewill earlier in the year, and that one really stuck with me. Within days after we played it, i ordered my own copy and have introduced it to some of my friends in our local gaming group

On BGA, i've tried several games, although i'm not as active with them. Draftosaurus was quite fun, Next Station: London was so good we even played it at Essen, and I liked the couple of games of Just One that we had.
For Next Station: London, it really helped to play that one in real life. Although the lines were less clear, the rules were a lot clearer to me. I commented on many games with @Halfling that i actually had no idea about the scoring, and now i do!

I played a few more games at Essen, although non really stuck with me. I liked the idea of MicroMacro though; that might be one i could see myself picking up one day

And of coruse there is Radlands, which i was introduced to by UncleWill! It is a great 2-player strategy game, which sees regular play between myself and my partner. Both Decar and I picked up a copy of the Super Deluxe version at Essen, although i'm not sure if he's played it yet ;)
But i'm glad to have found this game, as it's definitely one to recommend!

this year 2022 I played recent and old games, here are some of them
-Alhambra with various extensions
-The stone age with its swaps and charms extension
- Raiders of the North Sea with expansions
-Cavern tavern
-Rise to nobility
-Jamaica and extension
-Architects of the West Kingdom
-Five tribes with expansions
-Rajas of Ganges
-Scythian Raiders
and others that I forgot, and of course some parts of Carcassonne

Color Pop
Fairy Trails
For Sale
Fruit Picking
Get the MacGuffin
Just One
Lost Cities
Next Station London
Railroad Ink
Shifting Stones
Sushi Go Party
Ticket to Ride
Tranquility ascent

All on BGA and with varying levels of success. Almost 30 new games played this year.

Besides Carcassonne, I've been playing:
- Fluxx
- Dobble
- Take 6!

It may not count, but at Essen we tried:
- Dorf Romantyk
- Hiroba
- Next Station London
- Overbooked
- Village Rails


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