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Hi all,

For those unaware of what it is really going on, I will just break it for you: Christmas is coming!!! Again... So does Winter... at least in the Northern Hemisphere!

In preparation of the coming events, here at Carcassonne Central, a lot is happening behind the scenes again. The Meeple Council is in session discussing whether phantoms should be allowed to be reinstated as acrobats...

This is just a smoke screen, because the real agenda for today is...

The Advent Calendar Quiz MMXXII
Stay tuned, because on December 1st you have a date... Ahem... a date with FATE DESTINY 'S CHILD!

Ready or not, the clock is ticking!


quickly, quickly, heat up the rules of the game

NGC 54:
It would be nice to put the previous Carcassonne Central Advents Quizes on WICA in an interactive format, but the Quiz MediaWiki extension has not yet been installed.


it's happening again  :D :D :D :D

Thank you @Meepledrone for taking the time to prepare this even if you don't have time! That's very kind of you and is definitely worth a merit!

Looking forward to my head explosing ...  :o

Indeed, thanks a lot Meepledrone, merit from me too!  :yellow-meeple:


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