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BigBox box for collectors - Corrected Box Art

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Special item for collectors   ;D

Seen at the small games fair SpielDoch! in Dortmund/Germany on Friday.

Spoiler: new box "design" ... maybe without rule errors (wrongly placed meeples) - I didn't check it.


Ah, have they finally reprinted it?

So far, the Devir box was the only fully correct box (at least on the front).
I'll be sure to pick up this one soon as well then!

Ahhhh.... What a relief to my eyes!!!  ;)

@Benny Are you getting a copy?


--- Quote from: Meepledrone on May 02, 2023, 12:43:11 AM ---Ahhhh.... What a relief to my eyes!!!  ;)

@Benny Are you getting a copy?

--- End quote ---
No ... not yet ;-)
I have the first version (with the mistakes) and have to think about buying this corrected version.
I have meanwhile the problem that I have hardly any space in my apartment because of the many games and books. And these BigBox versions are not exactly small.

Space is for the weak! Admit it, you need this version of the big box!  ;)


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