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Special Edition of Carcassonne for HiG's 40th birthday - IDEAS PLEASE!

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As some of you may already know, HiG are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year and I've heard directly from HiG that they would like to create a special limited-edition version of the Carcassonne anniversary edition to commemorate this important milestone in the company’s history! What makes this even more special is that on this occasion they’ve decided to reach out to Carcassonne’s fans so that we can be involved by showing our support for some of their existing ideas (through voting), or even suggesting our own themes!

I don’t have much in the way of detail so far, but I do know that they are seeking similar input from their partners and other fan-communities, and that they are hoping to make some kind of an announcement regarding this in late March/ early April so it’s still early days but we can expect them to move quickly after this. They're being a bit secretive (as usual) and this is as much as I know for now, besides the potential themes upon which I’ve been asked to gage your opinion along with any thoughts/ suggestions you may have of course (post below)...



I guess the idea will be almost a bit of a cross-over with some other games? As the themes seem to link to other HiG games (although i can't think of what Pretty in Pink links to, other than Dan himself)

I like a HiGisforthy edition, and on theme, i would suggest maybe a 'historical'-theme? Not as historic as Dinosaurs, but think France in the 1600s-1700s?

It would be grat a crossover with Citadels, where you could have lavish buildings in cities and fields... or even meeples in different shapes representing various characters.

Nevertheless, I would be more than happy if they had a huge Carcassonne Big Box with everything C3 and lots of gorgeous minis... >:D

25-figure sets for Carcassonne in all colors would be awesome too: including phantoms and 5 guard meeples of course!

What if they included in the Anniversary set all those long-lost mini expansions converted to C3?


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