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First game of (kinda) Mega Carcassonne

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Me  :green-meeple: and my sister  :pink-meeple: have been playing Carcassonne together since last christmas and most of my games are against her. We like to keep track of our games so we have a sheet where we register scores, dates and which expansions we're using for each game (attached file). We realized our 100th game was close so we decided to organize a game of Mega Carcassonne to celebrate the event...

...then we realized that a true game of Mega Carcassonne was a little too much for us, so we designed a custom game (we call it CarcassOneHundred... yeah, I know) that we think it could be really fun to play. Its content (all C1):

* 1x River I + 1x River II (except the source tile) + Source river tile from Games Quarterly #11
* 2x Base Game + BB5 Wheel of Fortune Base Game
* 3x Inns & Cathedrals + 3x Traders & Builders
* 1x Princess & Dragon
* 1x Tower
* 1x Abbey & Mayor (base tiles + 2 abbey tiles each)
* 1x Count, King and Robber (only base tiles + king & robber, no Count nor City of carcassonne)
* 1x Wheel of Fortune (base tiles + Wheel of Fortune itself)
* 1x Hills & Sheeps
* 1x Catapult
* 1x Flying Machines + Goldmines + Crop circles

Of course we will use some house rules (i.e. more cathedrals/inns in the same city/road will score you more points if you close them, but you will lose points if you don't, a different score method for goods, more meeples involved...). The game will be split into two parts: the first one is just the preparation (setting all the game elements up, placing the starting tiles and placing the rivers) and will likely happen lately today, while the game itself will require an entire weekend fully dedicated to it.

If you're interested - for any reason - on how it goes... stay tuned! We'll update the thread accordingly  :green-meeple: :pink-meeple:


If you like keeping track of yor games, perhaps you would be interested in Carcassonne Game Notation

Currently it supports base game only, but if you care for a quick highly competitive game (tournament style), then you recording your games would help you improve your play  :(y)

An expanded notation for all the expansions is in the works as well.

+1 merit just for the spreadsheet!  Wow!

This looks like a lot of fun.  Please share photos, not just of the final landscape but also of exciting moments / lucky draws, etc!

Wonderful post Sir Lose-a-Farm - I can't wait to see the photographs of the game!

Thanks for sharing!  Good luck!

All the tiles were shuffled up into 4 different bags, and we completed the preparation: starting tiles and rivers are now in place! Let's go!


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