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Our First BGA Tournament - Expansions

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There's a lot of players in the CarcC Laeuge on BGA:

It would be nice if someone could identify people along side their CarcC screen-names.
This is the current list of participants:

I'm Decar2  ;D

I am Revelations.

I'm Karpenter45

Odoslané z SM-A202F pomocou Tapatalku

I'm szigfrid.

I'm that danisthirty guy :) :(y)

Although I set the tournament to invite only, and then invited everyone from our CarcC group BGA individually when the group invite didn't work, there's a chance that non-CarcC members may have snuck into the group and hence the tournament due to the privacy settings on the group. If this is the case then we won't be able to match every BGA username to a CarcC member, which is a shame, but if it grows our community here then there's a silver lining I suppose.


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