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Our First BGA Tournament - Expansions

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--- Quote from: Scott on August 24, 2022, 03:21:34 PM ---Congrats to @Leven (szigfrid) for winning the Carcassonne Central Summer Tournament!

--- End quote ---


When I read some articles about ELO, there is that in first match are joined similar players with +- equal ELO.
I checked current tournament, it it's player with 220 agains 400 etc.
Maybe it has some reason. This is giving automaticaly advantage for players with higher ELO.
And maybe it's good :D Just tellin'

Congrats Leven, Top Elo won the tournament.

I believe that Han Shot First is known as Riker on CarcCentral.

Congratulations Leven, and to everyone else who took part no matter where you finished. :(y)

I plan to restructure things a little before our next tournament in an attempt to ensure that it really is only CarcC players who take part. I don't intend to be awkward about it, but it kind of defeats the purpose otherwise.

Thanks for that table Leven; it will come in very handy!

Thank you guys.  :)
And thanks to Dan for the idea and organizing the tournament. (+ For allowing me to exceed my thinking time in our game.  ;) )
As for the pairings in the first round, I'm afraid BGA doesn't use any sophisticated method, it's just a completely random thing.


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