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News post today about the new expansion / spin-off for Carcassonne

--- Quote ---Dense fog covers the meadows of Carcassonne, swallows up entire farmsteads and creeps up to the city walls. Even the bravest of knights tremble and their armor clatter when they hear the monks' tale: "The mist brings forth the souls of the Cathars, hunted during the Crusades. They come back for justice!"

With this spooky story we delve into the theme of the new game in the popular Carcassonne series, Fog over Carcassonne. The game, which is scheduled to be released in the fourth quarter of 2022, has several special features: on the one hand, it is a completely independent game that introduces a cooperative mode in Carcassonne for the first time, on the other hand, all the material can be transferred to the huge integrated into the Carcassonne world and can also be used as an extension.

Fog over Carcassonne as of Feb 2022
In cooperative mode, you will join forces and appease the spirits together. To save everyone, you must contain the spread of the mist and the ghosts within, contain the haunted earth in the cemeteries, and use the spooky haunted castles to your advantage. The game is played according to the well-known rules of Carcassonne in terms of placing tiles and collecting points. But for the first time, everyone must work together to keep as few ghosts from appearing as possible and survive three days. If too many ghosts have appeared or the days have passed before enough points have been collected, you will lose the game together.
Can you save Carcassonne together?

- A total of 45 meeples in two new forms
- 60 Carcassonne tiles (compatible with all other Carcassonne versions)
- some other special parts
- different levels of difficulty

The author of the new game is Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, who also created the original game and a variety of expansions for the extensive Carcassonne world.
With “Nebel über Carcassonne” we are now breaking new ground that will delight fans and new players alike.

Of course, we will also announce details about the functions as an extension in the course of the year.
--- End quote ---


What??? co-op carcassonne??? so excited about it.

I'm really looking forward to the unexpected way of carccassonne!!!!

It's sounds interesting, as it's partly co-op, and partly as per usual.
I guess the idea is that the ghosts are a common enemy to all players, so you need to work together to get rid of them, and then play the game as per normal.

As they say it's both an expansion and stand-alone game, I wonder if it will be available as a separate game, and then later with the Fog elements alone as expansion?

Well this certainly seems like a spin-off to add to the Christmas list! I've always quite enjoyed co-op games and additionally I think a real draw in this version could be the bridge for younger players between My First Carcassonne and then full on Carcassonne because "teaming up" won't feel so forced. I know the youngest in my family (who's four and loves My First Carcassonne) doesn't always like to be in teams when we play other games becuase she wants to insist shes big enough to play for herself even though that usually ends up with games not being actually played by the rules aha!



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