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Thanks for the welcome and those merits  :red-meeple:. @Sinscerly you are right, some other apps are there, I didn't include some modules for Vassal and Tabletop simulator. Nevertheless here are some information for some of them:

Developers: Corwyn; bugggg; YearofGlad; ColtsFan76; aidendouglass; Sultan

Module:Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers
Developers: Sultan; ColtsFan76

Module:Carcassonne: The Discovery
Developers: Sultan; ColtsFan76

Module:The Ark of the Covenant
Developers: Sultan; ColtsFan76

Module:Carcassonne: The Castle
Developers: Sultan; ColtsFan76

For Tabletop simulator there are a lot of unofficial projects (27 to the date):
One of them was very popular and totally scripted module but three week ago DMCA obligated the author removing it from the workshop.

I also exclude some others clones like Farmassone.

Maybe I will include Seven Castles ( in the list.

Thanks for the reminder and share @Bumsakalaka. I also play Carcass One, it is not in this list because it does not emulate Carcassonne itself, but I agree with you, it is a very fun and addictive puzzle game (installed in my cellphone since Smoula presented it here:

Hi carlium,

Moved topic to board "Online Games and Competitions" and made it sticky so it is always at the top of the board.


What a wonderful list!

Thanks, and merit for your efforts carlium :(y)

Thanks for moving it Meepledrone and for the merit danisthirty.   :red-meeple:

Don't forget visit the WICA page for update info and tons of screenshots!

I am looking for someone that has an active account in
I need some screenshots of Toulouse to add them to the WICA. I tried to create my own account but apparently they stopped allowing new users.

Finally, I saw some information about Hunters and Gathers implementation in BrettSpielWelt (; however, I was unable to access to this game in the app nor in the webapp. If someone has some information about this implementation, I would happy to get it to add this to the WICA page.

Thanks in advance  :(y)


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