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BGG offers Guilds for smaller discussion groups for subject matters of interest to its members.

There's quite a few of us here on Carcassonne Central who also use BGG, so it might be a nice place to get in touch with each other.

I've created a Carcassonne Central Guild  - (GuildID: 3000) for us to use to reach out to people on BGG.

I thought it might be useful as an alternative venue in the case of site-failure too  :(y)

I'll probably be doing a round-up of articles and links to all the goings-on here and posting it on BGG on a bi-weekly basis.


A nice way to get more members here by posting teasers and highlights.

Is there a way to link images already uploaded to BGG to the guild's image gallery?

The BGG Image Gallery is for images uploaded to BGG's gallery and usable under their license.

I can't upload same image twice on BGG, something about terms they set. Figure I can link those into the BGG guild gallery instead.


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