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General / Carcassonne needs your help - BGG Geek Madness Round 3 Vote
« on: April 08, 2022, 02:12:34 PM »
Dear fellow Carcassonne Central members,

Carcassonne is currently losing to Pandemic in this ‘voted for by fans’ poll and is in danger of being eliminated. If you like the idea of Carcassonne staying in contention, for fame, glory, and possibly greater presence on BGG, here is the link to the poll:


Hi all,

It's all in the title really.

If you have or are getting one that you don't need please give me a yell. I am not in a rush so PM or reply whenever.


There is a package of shiny Carcassonne items that I would love to buy, but the seller won't send out of Germany.

Would someone be prepared to receive it for me then send it on to France (most likely) or possibly the UK? I'll pay costs obviously.

I know it is a hassle and am prepared to do something nice in return. My collection and I will both be in your debt!

Cheers, Will

General / South Seas Friday: Stone Age meeples
« on: August 05, 2021, 08:58:34 AM »
Hello all. A bit of a random question:

Can anyone who owns Stone Age and South Seas/ Friday confirm whether the Stone Age meeples are the same size/ shape as Friday? From photos they look pretty similar to my eye.

If so, how compatible are the Stone Age colours to the player set colours in South Seas?

Any experience/ comments would be appreciated.

For those completionists prepared to dig deep into their pockets...  ;)

The Marketplace / Russian The Castle on ebay
« on: May 26, 2021, 07:58:15 AM »
Spotted this which might be of interest to someone:

Hi everyone, thanks for the welcoming messages. I am enjoying sifting through the wealth of information and experience on here and BGG. I sense many, many hours have collectively been invested in developing such expertise and intend to take advantage of established wisdom!

As someone currently with no C1, I thought I would ask some questions to see what people think about developing a coherent collection. I guess advice will be relative to my (realistic) aspirations, so based on my C2 experience here goes a priority list, high to low:

Base, I&C, T&B, River I, Phantom (as the core of the gaming experience and featured in most games);
A&M, tiles from King and Scout* (most games, to round out some of the tile permutations that are missing above, plus Abbeys and the Mayors);
H&S, River III (as likely additions, whether all the rules are used or not),
P&D, River II (additions for some games, the centre piece of the occasional game)
Cult, Ferries, Gold Mines, Crop Circles (not so bothered about the other minis but would selectively play if we have them)

* already bought for Hunters & Gatherers.

We haven't played with the Count or WoF yet so don't have an informed opinion. If I got either as part of a set, in principle either might make an occasional variation to the start although neither jumps out as a must have. I like the visual impact though.

If it makes a difference to your advice, I am UK based with (reasonably) understanding family in France and the USA. I would prefer to spend on tiles rather than postal charges and duties.


It would seem to me that the easiest route would be to try and get BB5 if possible and add from there.
The same mix as separates may be easier to source though, I don't know.
Am I right in thinking the BB5 edition of the river has tiles with features specific to H&S which aren't available elsewhere, and is known as River III?


There are mentions that some of the sets (particularly Big Box) are of different shades than others or stand-alone expansions. Big Box 4 was identified as being noticeably darker and, to my eyes, a 'bluer' green. It is hard to tell from photos due to variability of light, white balance etc.  Would you agree?
What advice for ending up with a homogenous finish have people found successful?
What combinations should I avoid?


I have read that some of the very early editions have no watermarks on the expansion sets, which I guess gives a cleaner looking board when you are playing (desirable, to me at least) but must make separating out the sets a little more onerous unless you know them like the back of your hand (desirable once you have got there!).
I presume there must be a point in the chronology of the range after which only watermarked sets exist?


Well, those are my early questions. That got rather long quite easily. I am sure there will be more!
I am particularly keen to be enlightened regarding the non-watermarked options.
Any advice is appreciated.



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