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Status of Z-man Games


Does anyone know the status of Z-man Games / Asmodee?

When I go to the Z-Man Games website and click shop, it takes me to the asmodee website where I enter Carcassonne in the search box.

It comes back with a list of 19 Carcassonne products where 13 are Out of Stock.

The list includes 9 Major Expansions where 8 of the 9 are Out of Stock.

It’s bad enough that the game is highly addictive, but now my dealer is forcing me into withdrawal!

OK, seriously, does anyone know the status of getting Carcassonne back into production?


Z-man are objectively useless.
As the exclusive distributor to USA, UK, and Aus, they hold the license to print money, when it suits them.

To answer your question, Z-Man manages their marketing, it's highly unlikely someone will have more information than they choose to post on their official website. And if they did they'd not be allowed to share anything.


One can get the 20th Anniversary on Amazon as well as the expansions. FYI, the travel set is on Amazon too at the Rio Grande games shop, and it's a better price than eBay had.

- :pink-meeple:

Just got my Italian version of Bridges, Castles, and Bazaars, Bazar, Ponti e Castelli!

Needless to say, the Bazaar design on the 8 Bazaar tiles does not include the American Flag, but all of the tiles do match the Field, City, and Road edges, including the Inns with ponds along 3 of the roads.  The only difference is that the CFRF tile does not also have a garden on it.

We can easily live with that minor difference in the game!


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