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Unofficial Rules / New general rule for The Wells
« on: February 11, 2024, 03:40:07 AM »
We are trying in Fan Expansions complete rules section on WikiCarpedia ( to made all covered expansion compatible and playable with other expansion and covered fan expansion with explain all possible interactions.

So I found issue with The Wells.

If there is road with Inn then well get double score.
If there is road with Stable (from fan expansion Roads to Vistory) then well get double score. 

So it has sense for me (and as we spoke on Discord also with @Snearone and @Meepledrone ), it has like coat of arms (pennant) of road.
So if some expansion increase value of each tile of feature (here the road), then it's increased also value of each well on road.

So my question is:
Made this as "general rules" which can be used for other expansion which were not released in time when original expansion The Wells was released, or was unknown for author of fan-expansion?

If yes, then for German Cathedrals, road leading to German Cathedrar has to increase also value of each well on that road.

What do you think @meepleater (this is autor of original The Wells expansion -
and @wolnic (author of Wells 2)?

General / WikiCarpedia - SVG Support
« on: June 13, 2023, 04:03:00 AM »
I'm creating this thread to not forget this long term issue. Support for SVG images.

1. All expansion symbols can be stored as SVG as vector images with possibility to resize without any image quality damage (also when enlarged)
2. Not need to generate multiple thumbnails or resized images for different purposes.
3. Decrease data transfer between visitor and server (PNG images are usually larger then SVG images).

What is an issue:
1. MediaWiki (engine used on wica), doesn't support SVG images "natively" and any size of SVG image is stored as separate PNG file
2. Extension for native support of SVG is broken, or at least it is not working on WICA :(

Current status:
SVG Support is turned off

I't borring to see index.php in wikicarpedia all links like:

Mediawiki engine used on wikicarpedia allows to set name of engine page to something else, wiki, w, index, or something total cifferent.

Why to do that
1. It's look unprofessional to use "index.php" in wiki path
2. Shorter links
3. We can point for example to car when used for example: or
- but this is optional

Why to not do that
1. I'm glad to say, nothing

Is it have some circumstances, or what need to be done?
a) No, when it will be good prepared, this means when it will be prepared redirection which will automatically redirect user from bookmark links like: to (this is example, that "w" is used)

b) All internal links doesn't use full path, so nothing need to be changed on texts.

c) When this redirect will have http code 301, then Google will know that all his records were moved to new path, so it will change his database, and all links will be point directly to new shorter path after a while (when google finished new indexing).

What do you think about it?

General / About page on
« on: March 09, 2023, 01:33:10 AM »
I think it will be good to update and rewrite page.

Try to read it by visitors which started to play Carcassonne in last 5 years.

I understand that the content was actual in time, when Wikicarpedia was released. But for new visitors is useless, outdated and not usefull.

Can some English native speakers take this page and update it for view by new visitors?

News and Events / Something big came at May 1st 2023
« on: February 21, 2023, 03:57:56 AM »
By the tool HiG finally want to finish almost 1 year of maintenance of their web page.

There is literally written: Homepage (under maintenance until 01.05.2023)

This scheduled date deserves something new and great.

What will be released and what will be new on page?

Feelindigo reported on Facebook, that Ukraine promo tile will not be reprinted. So customers which want that tile, have to buy it until it is not sold-out.
Another information is, that Ukrainian publisher is looking for printer which will print Carcassonne Maps in Ukraine.
So after Swan Panasia, 999 Games, Fantasmagoria is Feeelindigo another publisher announced that he will publish maps for their markets.

Publisher also announced that they got 1 milion Hrivnas (arround 25 600 EUR) from HiG by selling Ukraine Promo Tile and Carcassonne Maps: Ukraine

Happy New Year

Slava Ukraini

JCloisterZone FAQ, Suggestions & Bug Reports / JCloisterZone Translations
« on: January 04, 2023, 11:25:27 AM »
Currently is finished in fork of JCloisterZone based of translation of UI which stared farin in early 2022.

To help this process, I finished replacement of almost all text string in English I found with language keys, used for show translated strings.
Currently are whole JCZ available for testing purposes in
1. English - of course :)
2. Slovak - translation made by me
3. Romanian by @NGC 54
4. Dutch by @kiap1969
5. Czech by @petul
6. French by @Black_Bear
7. German @Challa007
8. Polish by @Snearone
9. Spanish by @carlium
10. Lithuanian by @stepukiss
11. Catalan by @J0anJosep

(last update February 20th 2023)

Currently confirmed translations in languages
12. Latvian by @MrMeeple
13. Russian by @MrMeeple
14. Chinese by @ny1050220

I sent request for translations to previous translators of JCZ to which I found contacts, but only few respond or are not interested on translation in this status of their life or they have not a lot of free time to made it.

Other languages are still open
Who want to participate?
I hope that we will have translation at least for ale languages in which are published base game rules so missing translations are in

i) Portuguese
ii) Italian
iii) Greek
iv) Hebrew
v) Turkish
vi) Arabic
vii) Ukrainian
viii) Hurgarian
ix) Serbian
x) Croatian
xi) Slovenian
xii) Finnish
xiii) Swedish
xiv) Norwegian
xv) Danish
xvi) Icelandic
xvii) Brazilian Portugese
xviii) Chinese - translator found
xix) Bulgarian
xx) Japanese
xxi) Estonian
xxii) Lithuanian - translator found
xxiii) Korean
xxiv) Thai
xxv) Vietnamese

Also any other language are welcome, because as we know, there is translation of rules for example in:
a) Basque

Any help is welcome! Also for testing translations!

News and Events / HiG Fair Action Game '22
« on: September 29, 2022, 12:12:57 PM »
On you can find new Fair Action Game '22

You can win 50 EUR voucher to

So, If you will be on Spiel Essen '22 fair, you have to yry to win!

Official Rules / Can you get Message when you get negative points?
« on: August 04, 2022, 09:48:37 AM »
I know that there was discussion in past about new HiG clarification about messages, that you can by C2 rules get only one message by miniexpansion Mini 2 Messages.

And there was also, that you can't get message, when your meeple or messenger on scoring board moved to dark area (points 0,5,10,...45) for example by payment of ramsom when exchange meeple trapped by Tower.

So in Slovak Mindok Bix Box 2021 is rules somethinkg like this: Active player, and only active player, will get exactly 1 message, in the moment, when after adding points one of active player figures (meaning on scoring board as meeple and messenger) ended on dark field (5,10...)

So just paying some points for ramsom (Tower, Barber-Surgeons, Vodyanoy) is not adding points.
But when you combine some payment and some earning you can get message, but only in situation, that meeple or messenger will be moved forward to higher score when ending on dark field.

Example 1 - To get message:
Meeple on 24, Messenger 43
1. Payment 3 points for Ramdom by Tower - Meeple moved to 21
2. Finish 2 points for road - Messenger moved from 43 to 45
Even that final score if this turn is -1 point, messenger was moved forward by scoring of feature - you will get message

Example 2 - To not get message:
Meeple on 23, Messenger 42

1. Payment 3 points for Ramdom by Tower - Meeple moved to 20
2. Finish 2 points for road - Messenger moved from 42 to 44
Player will not get message, even that meeple is placed on dark field - 20, because he was moved backward and only addition of points was done by messenger.

Why in example 2 player will not get message?
Because rules said. In the moment when after adding one of the figure ended on dark field.
So in our example meeple is already placed at 20, so it is not ending on 20 again.
If we will consider to accept this. You will be able to get every turn points when you eart at leas 1 point, moved with messenger and meeple kept on 0 dark field for whole game.

Hi, I want to create topic with known bugs on BGA in Carcassonne game.
Maybe (with some luck) that very old bugs will be solved.

1. River large U turn - it is permited to create any U turn based river, even when between two turns are straigth river, like in rules example by HiG
2. Magic portal can be used also for place Pig and Builder - which is not allowed, because only meeple can be placed by magic portal
3. Builder stacked in city when only one meeple removed by Princess - when no meeple in city / field - all supporting figures are returning to a player's supply

Missings related to C1/C2 differences:
4. RRRF tile with inn not working by C2 rules - this is bug/no bug - when playing Carcassonne with C2 tiles, you are accepting that this tile have inn on both roads, but rules are set by C1 (even that there are 8 years C2)
5. No Abbot

News and Events / New Ukrainian publisher and HiG support for Ukraine
« on: June 24, 2022, 04:12:53 AM »
This month start was announced new publisher for Ukraine which will be publisher Feelindigo.

Good news is, that they will use standard "C" on back sides of landtiles, so their version will be compatible with worldwide expansions and mini expansions.

By question placed on HiG Discord about possible support to Ukraine like The School supports Ghana, they answered:

We have Plans to support Ukraine people as well as have some specials for our new publisher Feelindigo. We will let you know, when the time is ready. At the moment we work on different options.

Announcement by Feelindigo was made on Facebook (URL:

Good luck and we are waiting to support UA at least this way.

Official Rules / La Porxada: Swap Follower
« on: May 31, 2022, 11:36:51 PM »
I know, this expansion is "wanted to be official to allows to sell copies on ebay" so I place my question here.

Rules copied from WiCa

If the player chose to swap followers after placing this tile, the player may exchange one of his own followers with a follower of another player. Both followers must be currently in play.
and later in foot notes

The rules do not specify any restriction for the chosen follower, so you may choose one of your followers already placed on a tile or in your supply.

Does it mean: When want to swap followers I (as red) can swap meeple with other player (blue) when:

A. When at least 1 red meeple and 1 blue meeple is placed on board

And when want to swap I can choose
B. Any of my red meeples on board and/or on supply
C. Any of other player meeples (blue) only on board?

This has no sense why this can not be applied also for other player (blue), right?
If rules not specify how to choose my (red) meeple, how they restrict other player (blue) meeple to choose?

cheers :D

General / Does somebody still think that this game have simple setup?
« on: April 18, 2022, 04:38:59 AM »
We are going to play Carcassonne due to Easter bank holiday.
I was promoting this game everywhere for its simple setup.
Today I'm not so sure :)

Odoslané z SM-A202F pomocou Tapatalku

There is Bards of Carcassonne fan expansions which can add Note token to City/Road/Field and this every note token on feature gives to Owner of feature +1 per each tile (city/road) or +1 per each city (field).

Expansion with rules and tiles can be found in download section:;sa=view;down=193

What is not covered in rules when Small City with Note is converted to Castle.
There can be multiple options what can be done, we can find good way and then we can ask Trebuchet (author of this Fan expansion) what community think.

So here is options when convert Small City to Castle
1. Nothing - note will be kept on city without any scoring effect into future
2. Note become be placed on Castle

When Note is placed in Castle there are several options to do when scoring vicinity feature:
1. Score +2 to Castle Owner due to original Feature was Small City and it will get 2 * +1 point to Owner of small city (now owner of Castle)
2. When Castle scores it will earn +1 point per tile for completed feature which fire Castle score like this Feature has that Note token - this can be intention to convert small city with note to Castle to get more bonuses
- example in vicinity of Castle is completed 4 tiles road with Inn. By default Castle scores 8 points for this road. But when Note is on Castle it gets 12 points, like in that road is placed Note.

Another question is Castle with Note at end of game, does it affect scoring of Field?
1. No
2. Add +1 for specific Castle with Note token. This means (City with Note gives not +4 but +5 resp. not +5 but +6 when pig)
3. Add +1 for each object affect scoring the Field. This means when on field are 10 objects and score of them is 30 then player scores 40 points as +1 per each object on Field.

Yes this can happen when Small City is created and none feature in vicinity of Castle is completed.

What do you think?
This expansions is in production as Addon into JCZ

Official Rules / Only Wagon scored with Barger-Surgeon what happens?
« on: January 17, 2022, 01:45:17 AM »
What happens where play Barber-Surgeon and Wagon and only wagon scores.

By me, Trap is stronger than wagon move phase, so Wagon is trapped in empty Bathhouse.

But who knows? Is there any meeple trapped when scored? I suppose just Solovei Razboynik situations described on last clarification.

Thanks. You will not regret :D

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