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How to get out of print tiles.....


Just an idea - I see that the Carcassonne Shoppe sells blank tiles.

I wonder if it is possible for someone with an out of print set of tiles to scan the tiles, then print onto a label that can be put onto the blank tiles?

I don't know if this will violate any laws, since the expansions are out of print.  Also, I would prefer to buy them IF I CAN FIND THEM!!!! 

However, if there is zero supply, would this approach be an acceptable alternative?  Or should this be avoided on moral grounds - keeping in mind I am only referring to items that are out of print and no longer available?


On moral grounds this is absolutlely impossible (said ironical) - but there is no one who will charge you. You shouldn't sell those tiles, though, only for personal use indeed. You will find the scans for several of the rare expansions here and there in the internet.


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