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WTB: GQ #11 Expansion

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I would like to pick up a copy of the Gaming Quarterly #11 expansion.

Mostly because of the River end piece with a road!  That would really help prevent some of the huge farms we are running into.

The other pieces look good as well.  The more tiles, the better!  Then again, we have only the first four expansions plus all the Minis and the Festival, so we are far from having every expansion.....


If you live in USA, this can help you:

MrNumbers - thanks, but I am in Canada.  There are three different ones on, and ALL say that they will not ship to Canada.

Found one on eBay, but they want $17 plus shipping.

Then you can do as I did: find some friends/relatives in USA. My colleague's daughter lives in USA, so I asked for a favour - she purchased this expansion and then will ship to my colleague with other stuff. Soon I will receive my copy of this rare expansion.

Just found this one on eBay


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