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I am searching for:

- 4 Promo Russian tiles
- Darmstadt
- Spiel 14'15'16'17'18

I'm willing to trade them with the below items I own:
-Big Box 1 (German edition 2006)
-River III (Big Box 5)
-extension 5: Mayor and monasteries CI (without box)
-extension 6: Count King and consorts CI (without box)
-Windroses I (2012)
-Cathedrals in Germany CI
-Almanach Hans im Gluck 25 years (in German)
-Carcassonne - Stickers meeples with pigs
-the 20th anniversary river
-The 20th anniversary expansion
- Die Kultst├Ątten (with the spielbox logo)
- Carcassonne travel edition (Dutch second edition)
-Red meeple candle
-Pink meeple candle
-Blue meeple candle
-Yellow meeple candle


Sir Lose-a-Farm:
If you don't manage to exchange them, I may be interested in buying Windroses I if your price is better than eBay's ^-^

I just updated the first post.

If you're interested in purchasing or trading items on the forum, please do not send DMs. Use the forum to post your interest and perform negotiations in public. This allows everyone to see the relative worth of items.


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