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Since they're not doing anything useful I've decided to get rid of some of my spare Carcassonne bits and bobs. Everything is free (except for postage) so if you're interested in any of the items below please post here saying what you'd like and I'll PM you for your address:

Boxed Mini Expansions

- The Robbers: 8 tiles + 6 robber figures - complete and unopened (claimed by Fritz_Spinne)
- The Count (German edition): 12 tiles + count figure - complete and unopened (claimed by 24hourpartymeeple)
- King & Scout: 5 Carcassonne land tiles, 2 special tokens for Carcassonne (King & Robber Baron tiles), 5 Hunters & Gatherers tiles - opened once but never played (claimed by 24hourpartymeeple)

Carcassonne: The Phantom

- Set of 5 phantom meeples (no purple) in RED meeple-shaped case - opened once to remove purple phantom (claimed by Ratz65)
- Set of 5 phantom meeples (no purple) in YELLOW meeple-shaped case - opened once to remove purple phantom (claimed by Ratz65)

Loose tiles (no boxes but all brand new and never played)

- 12 tiles from Bridges, Castles and Bazaars (no bridges or castles) (claimed by Fritz_Spinne)
- 12 tiles from The Count + count figure (claimed by wicke)
- 5 Cult Places tiles (with crown watermark) (claimed by DOCTORawfulMD)
- 4 Cathars tiles - NOT originals but good quality homemade copies (bought on eBay by mistake) (claimed by Apostolicartist)

- 12 blank tiles - pressed out but never used (claimed by Apostolicartist)

Because I don't know what interest is going to be like, for the sake of fairness I'd prefer to restrict things to 2 items per person for the time being. This can be lifted if there's still anything left after a week or so.



Hello danisthirty,

what would be the postage to Germany?

I'm interested in
-the Robber Mini Expansion and the
-tiles of Bridges, Castles and Bazaars

Hi Fritz_Spinne,

I won't know exact cost until I take it to be posted but I would guess it would be around 4 Euros as a letter. This would mean flattening everything to fit into a padded envelope but obviously I would do this very carefully so it can be put back together again when you receive it.

If you're happy for me to do this then I can post them tomorrow and let you know how much it cost afterwards?


I think we can wait some time if there's some interest in the UK, too.

I'm interested in the German Count and the King & Scout. I'm in the US and can pay via Paypal. Thanks!


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