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FYI: The Board Game Geek market place is closing from Sept 1st.

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In case you ever bought from Boardgamegeek, please be aware that their marketplace is completely closing on September 1st. It seems all history will be deleted as well.

If you have never used Boardgamegeek you can safely ignore this information


Thank you for sharing.  I thought with the activity on the Beta site in the US earlier this year, the market was going to persist.  It has been a major source for me to find both Catan and Carcassonne items at much more reasonable prices than eBay, and the price history feature was an excellent reference.  I for one will miss the Geek Market greatly!  :'(

Yes, the data loss is tragic. 

What!? A true modern gaming tragedy  :o What horrible news to ruin my day (that said thank you for notifying us here). Time to let the depression settle in...
Can we archive important data?

I have archived the historical data for Carcassonne sales.
Please find the post here:


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