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BAZAARS: 2 Player Rule change: Bid Modification w/DICE !!!

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Bazaars Bridges and Castles expansion:  ... Bidding in a 2 Player ONLY game seems pointless and somewhat trite, in that: 

If Player A makes Player B bid lets say 20 pts for a tile, Player B would at the very least charge Player A 20 pts for their tile to cover the losses... Am I missing something?

What is an effective, fun, or altered strategy to make Bazaars more interesting or worth using... I'm still new to The Bazaars, but it seems kind of boring in a 2 person game.


Not sure - I think it would still be relevant. Of the two tiles there may be one you are willing to pay for and one you may not want your opponent to have. I still see value in it.

What would you propose?

I'm not sure, honestly... I've only played three games (granted they were very long multi-hour games) with this expansion (The Bazaars).  It seems like it would be extremely fun with several people but with only 2 people it seems almost trite?  Like a tit for tat mentality: "ok if you're gonna bid that, then I'll bid this and we'll break even" 

Maybe I'm missing something or misunderstanding exactly how bidding a random amount of points against your opponent when it's only 2 players really changes too much as far as strategy or point lead... I mean , do you look at roughly what their score is and just play "The Price Is Right"?  Bid 1 dollar more???  (Meaning):  if they have let's say 300 pts and it's near the end of a game, needing only a few specific tiles to complete things and one of those tiles comes up in the Bazaar draw, do you bid them Just over what they can afford to spend?  Are you trying to make them bid All their points away? Almost like a submission move?  It seems to me that they, in turn, would have no option but to Not buy the tile they needed and just accept a loss on that item completion ??? 

Again, I'm not crystal clear on how exactly it's supposed to play out between two people, or any number for that matter...

(Is it just me, or are the included Instructions are always so short with these expansions packs???Usually they are pretty strategic and in-depth in new thought process)

Does anyone out there have a better explanation or example of your own tactics or thought process when bidding via Bazaars?  Either for tiles you want or don't want... Any tips would be Great!  I'd honesty just like to play a match with someone who really Knows all the " rule" rules, I'll admit most of my knowledge of each type of expansion is only based on personal interpretation or how I was taught by a friend... I know I'm missing something fun here with these Bazaar tiles ...

I made a variant for 2-player (or more). I got an extra die from the Flier expansion (thanks to carcatronn!).

Now, when you get a Bazaar tile and place, you must roll the die to "buy" another tile. If you roll 1, it will cost you 1 point. 2 = 2 points and 3 = 3 points. If you roll blank it's free! Great deals at those bazaar!  ;)

I like that! That's a good use of other Carc game pieces- very cool!



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