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Markets of Leipzig - rules clarifications


Here is a Yes/No question like to how to get through the rules for this expansion:

1. placement the tile
2. place  a meeple
3. Scoring a feature and send a meeple to Leipzig
Here we start now.
first - look what features are just finished with the placement of that tile.
is there a just finished road? Yes / No
if yes - does this road connected to Leipzig? Yes /No
If yes - do you have a meeple onto such just finished road? Yes / No
If  yes - do you have the majority of this just finished road? Yes / No
If yes -  then you have to choose:
a) Score this just finished road and get the points for it - then you will also get the 3 fairy points if the fairy stands direct to your meeple.
b) You send your meeple from the just finished road to the markets of Leipzig and you don't score this road and get no points for it.

I make here a small brake - because: you need a just finished road - this road is connected to Leipzig - you have Meeple onto the road - and you have till now the majority of this road.
And then you have to choose if you score the road as usual (with gameplay exp.3 - you will get the 3point bonus for the fairy if the fairy stand next to your meeple)
or you send this meeple (without scoring this road) to Leipzig.

Now - the cases with more than one meeple onto the just finished road:
Example A:
Situation: just finished road - 3 normal meeples onto this road - 2 red meeple 1 blue meeple.
The road is connected to leipzig (yes) and it is just finished (yes)
The blue meeple has not the majority of this just finished road (no) - This blue player can't send the meeple to Leipzig. This meeple remains on that just finished road.
The 2 red meeples on that just finished road they have the majority of this road (yes)
The red player can now decide if he likes to score the road with his 2 red meeples (meeplepower 2) or he send one of the red meeple to Leipzig.
The red player decide (or choose) not to score the road with 2 meeple (2 meeple man power). He send one red meeple to Leipzig (here in this example the player send his 1 red meeple to the winwringhts quarter.
The other 1 red meeple remains on that just finished road.
Now it is scoring time: We have a just finished road with the connecting to Leipzig and there are now onto this road 1 blue meeple and 1 red meeple. The score for the just finished road: blue meeple score points for the road no bonus points - red meeple score point for the road and bonus points from the wainwringht quarter.



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