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2021 Basegame round 7


Round 7 of the 2021 Basegame Double League
Hi all, seventh round is online. (If you like to play some matches a bit faster, I'm posting the rest also)

For the rules and scoring submittings please take a look back at: League rules.

Make sure to have either BGA or JCloisterZone version ready.

The sixth round will be for:



It was the most enjoyable or times. it was the most competitive of times when Ny105022 and Allograft took to the open field to fight out round 7.

Round 1 was a very intense defensive battle for the big city in the center. Despite Allograft's best efforts storm the castle by force and overwhelm Ny105022's numbers, Ny105022 did an admirable job of controlling both the north and south sections of the city in the leading and effectively locking up four of Allograft's meeples and rendering them useless for the rest of the game. In the meantime, Ny105022 was nimbly picking up points for numerous features all around the board while Allograft was left no meeples in the last quarter of the game because Ny105022 used his dastardly skills to lock up Allograft's meeples that were scattered about the remainder of the board. In the end, Allograft went down with a whimper on this round as he unable to maneuver due to Ny105022's immense diabolical skill.

Round 2 was quite a sight to see for the observers who were seated on the bluffs overlooking the venue.

Ny105022 opened the game with a commanding presence in the first quarter of game by snapping up several small cities, the field to get points for them, and then kicking Allograft right out that field when he tried to trespass. While Allograft was focusing on the center of the board, Ny105022 took a creative approach to score points for numerous features on the perimeter, and as the perimeter grew, so did Ny105022's lead. Nevertheless just as omnipresent as Sauron's eye, Ny105022 did not take his off the center of the board where Allograft was busy with his machinations. Ny105022 foiled Allograft's plan for domination with one magnificently played CCRR tile. Thus, while Allograft was busy dreaming the dreams of being the King of a large city, in the end Ny105022 showed Allograft that Allograft will never be more a serf.

At least it was a lot of fun, and Allograft had his best yet in the glorious Double Base Game League!! -  :pink-meeple:


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