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2021 Basegame round 11


Round 11 of the 2021 Basegame Double League
Hi all, eleventh round is online. (Specially for you @Dan >:D)

For the rules and scoring submittings please take a look back at: League rules.

Make sure to have either BGA or JCloisterZone version ready.

The sixth round will be for:



I had a great couple of games with the wonderful cicerunner yesterday afternoon. We actually enjoyed our match so much that we went on to play a third all-or-nothing game which could easily have gone either way based on a couple of tile draws. But that aside, the first two games that constituted our match are detailed below...

:blue-meeple: :D danisthirty (112) - cicerunner (74) :( :yellow-meeple:
cicerunner and I have played enough in the past for me to know just what a worthy adversary he is, so I started pretty cautiously in the first game and didn't try anything too dangerous or risky. He was playing in the same way, but I was perhaps given the better opportunities to attempt to hinder him, and he was given the opportunities to thwart my evil plans at every opportunity. Despite my best efforts to stop him, cicerunner scored pretty well from the windy road that runs down the middle of the landscape and one of the adjacent cloisters to the east of it, whereas I tended to focus more on cities even though I didn't have a lot of luck closing many of them. Completing the 12-point city at the top of the landscape was a bit of a turning point in the game as the city was in danger of being killed and I really needed those points! It also gave me the chance to grab a tasty 9-point city at the same time, and the fact that I managed to keep cicerunner's 2nd meeple out of an incomplete city that I controlled on the west certainly helped! I'm genuinely baffled as to quite how I managed to score 56 points from cities, but it seems that it's that that made all the difference as we were tied on pretty much everything else. Gg.

:blue-meeple: 8) danisthirty (125) - cicerunner (64) :-\ :yellow-meeple:
As the score breakdown shows, cicerunner and I took very different directions in this game right from the start. He seemed to draw and claim enough cloisters that my initial priority was to block them where I could, which was helped by an awkward, cumbersome city that started to develop within range of one of them. With three trapped meeples (two in cloisters and one in a dead city) and a fourth on a shared road, cicerunner didn't really have the resources to fight back when I started attacking the city and I eventually got it to the point that it needed just the cccc to complete it in my favour. The wait to see who drew the all-important cccc tile was less painful for me than I imagine it may have been for cicerunner as he had no meeples left and so couldn't really do anything to improve his position whereas I was able to grab the odd small city or short road as they became available. With around a dozen tiles left to place though, my heart sank when cicerunner drew the cccc and rose again when he used it to complete my city (+56 points for blue)! This came as something of a surprise, but his logic was sound in that this was the only thing he could do to get some meeples back. There was just enough time for a quick farm battle before the end of the game, but this ended up in a tie for 18 points each. Overall my investment in the big city had won the game for me and gave me too much of a lead for cicerunner to catch up with once it was complete.

Thanks for the games cicerunner! :(y)


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