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2021 Basegame round 6

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@Allograft thanks for game. You have to be writer. (I know you wrote a lot of stories to court), but it's about money, love, have, death. And books are the same. You'll be really great. And victory in game will come. Don't worry, maybe next round will be yours!


--- Quote from: Bumsakalaka on September 07, 2021, 11:47:08 AM ---And victory in game will come. Don't worry, maybe next round will be yours!

--- End quote ---

In a tragic twist of fate as foreboding and dark as some of Shakespeare's famous works, Bumsakalaka sealed his own fate with his words yesterday and allowed Allograft his first win of the Double Base Game League on round 2 on day 2. Reminiscent of the first combat between Bane and Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, Bumsakalaka was fighting like a young man and claimed every road that he could with nothing held back. Unfortunately, he also found himself running out of meeples that were locked up on incomplete roads. Despite finding himself short on free meeples with which to launch offensive maneuvers, Bumsakalaka showed unbelievable prowess by using tiles defensively to frustrate Allograft's efforts to claim and maintain control of the large city in the northeast. At one point, Allograft may have even had to splash his face with cold water because he couldn't believe that Bumsakalaka was thwarting him with only tiles and no free meeples. It was like a stalemate in a fist fist with a one-armed opponent!

In the end, Allograft was able to squeak out of a win by only the thinnest of margins, and fortunes could have been reversed by only change in the scoring. Though possibly the win was only with the good graces of Bumsakalaka  ;) ...or maybe all that prayer worked, possibly  O:-).

Thanks for the good games and even better conversation.

-  :pink-meeple:

It was really big fun to play with you. And it was worth it, this short story is amazing.
And congrats for win. Good played game by you.


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