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2021 Basegame round 6

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Round 6 of the 2021 Basegame Double League
Hi all, sixth round is online. (If you like to play some matches a bit faster, I'm posting the rest also)

For the rules and scoring submittings please take a look back at: League rules.

Make sure to have either BGA or JCloisterZone version ready.

The sixth round will be for:



Played these matches a few days ago, but only just managed to find a few minutes to write them up.

Decar (108) and Cicerunner (77)

This matched contained one of those glorious moments where I managed to trap 5 meeple (+1 of mine) on a single tile.
I should have slowed down the Dango too that was a pretty big city even if it wasn't complete.
I think you began farming a little too early too, so I had plenty of time to take majority.
Great attempt at the end to neutralize though, and you did at least trap another of my meeple with your last tile  ;D

Decar (94) and Cicerunner (120)

And boy did you get your own back  ;D
Messing around in that big city cost me quite a lot.  When I played the CCCF tile into it, I should have considered trying to completing that cloister, which left me a meeple down.
I was lucky to get my 3rd farmer into that farm too, but the point lead you got from that city on the RHS was too great for me.
I was generally outplayed on most fronts.... Except for fields... I got 3 more than you there haha!

Thanks for taking the time to play Cicerunner - I know taking ages over games (specially that first one), isn't ideal.  Hope to play you again soon, watch you for those meeple traps!

A bit late, but the results of my match against Davide from 14 / 5  O0

I started the first match and resulted with a Sinscerly 99 VS Davide 95 points.
This was a really close match and I really thought I had lost it, but in the end I got enough points to have just that 4 points to win :)

Second game Sinscerly 108 vs Davide 86 points.

All draw near to hear! All draw near to hear! Mighty Bumsakalaka and Allograft have played their first round!!!

In an exciting development for Allograft, it was Allograft's first opportunity to play an online JCZ competition, which was a welcomed respite from BGA.

While Allograft is still looking for his first win of the Double Base Game League, this was perhaps his strongest start yet and he kept up with Bumsakalaka for the first half of the match. The two most exciting battles of this game were the large city in the middle and the fields. Bumsakalaka expertly deterred not just one, not just two, but THREE efforts by Allograft to enter into Bumsakalaka's city. Each time Allograft thought that he might be able to enter into the city, Bumsakalaka managed to shut Allograft's dreams of entering the big city into having to settle for a few points from a small city.

The second major contest was the fields. While Allograft was feeling his oats after gaining an early control of the field, Bumsakalaka took Allograft by surprise by deftly placing farmers at the end that took control. Two notable errors on Allograft's part sealed his fate of losing the field. By being excessively focused on just trying to place a tile to at least get a couple of points with the last tiles, Allograft failed to see a chance to complete an otherwise unclaimed city and failed to at least tie for the field that Bumsakalaka surreptitiously usurped.

Allograft had no chance when it came to spiritual salvation in this round because Bumsakalaka was blessed with every single cloister.

Allograft will be going to church and repenting for his sins in hopes of gaining St. Michael the Archangel's favor in the next round of combat!

All in all, a great game and we're looking forward to the next round. -  :pink-meeple:


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