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2021 Basegame round 5

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Round 5 of the 2021 Basegame Double League
Hi all, second round is online. (If you like to play some matches a bit faster, I'm posting the rest also)

For the rules and scoring submittings please take a look back at: League rules.

Make sure to have either BGA or JCloisterZone version ready.

The fifth round will be for:




I'm gonna PM you. I'm still looking for my first win, and I'm having a blast! -  :pink-meeple:

Thodekey and I played round 1 and will be picking up round 2 as we are able. I'll post all the details of the shellacking that I received once we've got both rounds completed. -  :pink-meeple:

Mighty Thodekey beat me down both rounds, but I must admit that I had a stronger start in round 2.

Round 1 - Basically, Thodekey's excellent defensive blocking locked up a number of my meeples in the first half of the game. That left it to be a farmer's battle, and Thodekey did a great job of neutralizing my farmers one-by-one. He's a very skilled and shrewd adversary.


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