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2021 Basegame round 4

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gladly they aren't visible any more  O0

Allograft (80) vs Snearone (104)
At the beginning of our first game Allograft got quick 4 points closing a small city, I got a FFFF cloister as my first tile, a moment later another RFFF cloister, Allograft called me king of the cloisters at that time, he didn't know yet how the RNG of the game in this respect would benefit me later on when I could fill the hole with another RFFF cloister to get a quick 9 points. While Allograft was closing small towns I could only surround my cloisters with roads.
The battle began for the ever-growing city in which I managed to take control.
Allograft on the other hand took control of the longest road.
We held off on occupying the fields until the very end of the game, Allograft occupied one with four completed cities which I already had my eye on, so I took a risk and, extending my road, occupied only two city field, which I later expandend adding another three towns thanks to the cloister which I could not occupy due to lack of followers, and in very next move thanks to the road

Snearone (126) vs Allograft (62)
During our second game there was another battle for a large city, in which I had the upper hand from the start and fended off my opponent's attacks until I finally managed to close it down.
The second large city, however, was taken by Allograft, but could not be completed.
Once again Allograft occupied the main field, but very quickly I was able to join my follower to it, and even more quickly a second one to take over and enlarge it.

Thanks for the games Allograft  :(y)

--- Quote from: Sinscerly on April 22, 2021, 10:36:00 AM ---gladly they aren't visible any more  O0

--- End quote ---

You can always take a screenshot just before the last tile is placed and then paste it over ;)

Indeed, Snearone was quite fierce. Without even noticing...he is able to adeptly craft situations to overwhelm and take over large features. Very skillful indeed. Very skillful. -  :pink-meeple:


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