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2021 Basegame round 4

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Round 4 of the 2021 Basegame Double League
For the rules and scoring submittings please take a look back at: League rules.

Make sure to have either BGA or JCloisterZone version ready.

The fourth round will be for:



Snearone and I tried to play round 4 today, and given a preference for JCZ, we spent an hour trying to get it set up on my Mac running 11.2.3. We uninstalled java, reinstalled java developer kit 15.0.2, and did all kinds of circles. Java showed successfully installed in the terminal, and I ran the jar file from an unzipped folder, but it wouldn't do anything after clicking start, sadly.

We might try again...reticent to resort to BGA given a preference for JCZ. -  :pink-meeple:

Yesterday I've played my two matches against Leven, gentleman's and ladies watch out for that man.  :))

The first round I was fighting to get ahold of stuff and was blocked off some meeples. Apparently I did not learned so much from my match against Decar, as I got blocked off again :(
In the end it was so bad that I had no more meeples to get unto a real fight. Well done Leven, it was a good match and you earned that one  :(y)

107 points for you and 77 for me

The second match went a lot better for me, in the begin Leven placed a cloister (next to the start tile) and didn't tried to complete it as he was on some other projects busy and got a cloister sort of blocked and a city (where I scarified my cloister with meeple) to let it wait there and never return (7 tiles around) waiting to Leven would finish it but didn't. So I finally learned some things about blocking from the previous match with Decar and it worked out this match somehow.  >:D >:D >:D I was somewhere in the middle of the game and busy with a big, big big city. Almost finished only one tile left and the Leven connects it to his one city tile thingy to enter my city. I was like that will not happen and got another small city tile waiting outside that city hub to enter it and claim it back as mine. Sadly I couldn't get the right pieces to connect and end, but Leven tried the same, he was able to connect it with the last fitting piece but let us wait in solidarity outside the big city walls to never enter the city again.  :-\  ??? I still don't get it, but it shall have something to do with points or something or any strategic genius master plan.
Although I had more meeples free and a lot of small city tiles drawn, I got lucky with some small cities to finish while Leven tried somethings to block it and I got all the good tiles to finish them I managed to score some big points on that and acquired a smallish farm (the biggest of our game) of 4 (was it 4 or 5 ???, well doesn't matter) cities. Next to the border of that I used 3 the same cities for another farm which I place brilliantly I think. Although I lost that biggest farm to Leven who got in the last turn the ffrr tile to get a second meeple on that field.
Man that was a good game I really thought to lose in the start, middle and in the end I switched from thoughts and believed I could win it O0 and I did.
I got a 86 points out of it and Leven 78. A small different, but I'm happy and what a good game it was :)

Thanks for the games Leven, it was great to play against you and learning from your playing style which is quite different from mine  :))

This ends for a 1 vs 1 win for me against Leven

ps. I forgot to take a screenshot of the field sorry  :-X is there anyway to see them back? couldn't find them


--- Quote from: Sinscerly on April 19, 2021, 12:21:44 PM ---ps. I forgot to take a screenshot of the field sorry  :-X is there anyway to see them back? couldn't find them

--- End quote ---

I have them, here they are.
(These are post-finalscoring screenshots so trapped meeples cannot be seen there.)

First game:

Second game:


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